First Post!

Welcome! This blog is the next step in my healing process. I am dedicating it to all women who have ever felt pain, loss, shame, hopelessness, less than enough, defeated, or weak. My guess is that just about every woman on the planet has felt one of these feelings at least once.  I love women. I love how different we all are. I love how we are all on different journeys, with different life purposes, and I also love that we have such varying talents and gifts. My dream is to create a safe place for women to encourage, love on each other, and lift each other up. Time and time again, I have hugged a friend and just whispered,  “I know, life is hard.” And if we are all truly honest, it IS hard. For so many many reasons life gets difficult. Just as each woman is different, her battles are different too. Yet, the weapons we have to fight our battles are what we have that binds us together. It’s our weapons that can place women together on the same side of the battlefield fighting alongside one another, strengthening each other, dressing each other’s wounds, and getting back up and into the battle of life. Our weapons are plentiful and abundant, yet we so often forget to use them. We leave behind or we just forget to pick up the tools and the very equipment that can make the battle easier and the triumph become a reality. Sometimes we don’t even have the tools we need, and other times we have them, but we don’t know how to use them yet. My dream is that this blog can be our safe place to pick up our weapons and begin to use them.  We are women. We are brave. We are blessed. We are beautiful. We are women.

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