Just leap!

Life is changing. You are getting close to cutting the final strings that tie you to your past. You are trying to leap from one edge to the next. You’ve survived the fire, you escaped from all that was trying so hard to consume you, yet now the new start is just across the ravine. You can see it. You know it’s there. You even have already begun to create in this new space, yet you haven’t completely crossed over into it. It’s time to leap into destiny and forever leave behind the broken pieces. They are not yours to bear. The Lord will heal. The Lord will make things new. Not always in the way you had planned or imagined, but He is faithful to draw near to you and paint a beautiful canvas of your life. Take the final leap of faith, cross over into new life, breathe in deeply your freedom and be covered in the abundant love waiting for you. In this new life, who God created you to be will be embraced and celebrated. You have far too much work to do on this earth to accomplish it alone. You have been gifted with great purpose and destiny. Accept your assignment and surround yourself with those who see your true beauty and gently leave behind those who can’t see you. Surround yourself with people who are part of your purpose . People who can see greatness rising within you even on days when you feel otherwise. It is time dear, don’t glance back, don’t ask any more questions, release yourself and others from any blame for why you can no longer reside in the old and just leap. Leap and when your feet hit the ground on the other side, Run. It’s time to run straight into your destiny. It’s beautiful there and it’s been waiting ever patiently for the day you leap.instaquote-19-08-2016-23-06-39

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