A letter to my children

My children, my precious children. I love you. Your beautiful faces make my life worth living well. Your smiles make every day a gift.

Your laughter makes my heart leap. Your presence fills my spirit. Your very births were a miracle. Each time one of you was placed in my arms, a dream was fulfilled. 

Each of you bears witness to the fact that the Lord IS good. He generously blesses those that love Him. Each one of you are crafted and designed by the Lord. You are filled with unique gifts, talents, and desires. You are each different and each designed for a special purpose in the earth. 

Please remember every day that you are loved, chosen, accepted, and wanted. That you have a special destiny that belongs to you alone.

 Work hard to defend your individuality. Fight to love yourself and don’t tolerate anything lie that whispers you’re not enough. You were designed by the very Creator of the Universe. He crafted and sculpted your every feature. He placed special desires in your heart and gave you special abilities to make them happen. My dear children, the world is noisy. My prayer is that you learn from a very young age to shake off who the world tells you to be and learn to embrace all you already are. 

Just as a rose seed must become a rose. You must become who you were created to be. Be brave, be you in a world that will try to craft you into something else. Be you, listen to your heart, walk with the Lord, and know you are loved. 

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