Picking broken dreams back up….

Sleeping babies, messy kisses, squeals of laughter, declarations of “Mommy, hold me! Mommy look at this! Mommy, come here.” Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. And I almost missed it. I almost missed this beautiful gift times two.  

Just a few years ago, I grieved many broken dreams and during that time, I laid down a dream that wasn’t ever meant to be laid down. I had been a foster mother before, but I believed the lie that I couldn’t possibly be a foster mommy now as a single woman. I am so thankful that God set me straight. So often life takes twists, turns, Uturns, roundabouts, back roads, and side roads. When that happens, sometimes we lay down dreams that God designed for us to fulfill. Sometimes we leave dreams in the dust simply because we don’t quite understand how they can ever possibly come true in our current circumstances.

If God has put something on your heart, and He has given you a desire, He will also be faithful to help you fulfill it. God gives us dreams and desires so that we can fulfill our purposes in the earth. I am so thankful that 2 years ago God reminded me that I had a big dream and He brought that dream back to life in my heart. At first, I thought of all the reasons not to pick my dream back up. I was living in an apartment, I was teaching part time 3 days a week, I was walking through a divorce, I kept saying, “But God. But God. But God. I had many excuses why I was not the best candidate for the job. God said one word every time I said “But….”… He  said “Trust.” So I did. I trusted Him to help me redeem my lost dreams. I obediently picked up the phone, invited the licensing agency into my small apartment, and I said yes to God.My dream was revived, and not only did I have twin baby boys enter my home a few months after my initial phone call, but now I get to forever be their mommy. Praise God I didn’t miss this! 

 If you have a dream, any dream big or small, ask God to make a way. Even if your current circumstances say it’s not possible, with God all things are possible. He is the dream giver, and He can and does work miracles in the lives of those who call on Him. 

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  1. This was beautiful. So happy you got to reach your dreams and you are happy. Those 2 kids were blessed to have you become their mom.

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