Affirmation: I am filled with hope.

Today is a brand new day. A fresh new start. You are being refreshed and refilled with hope today. We hope for things not yet fulfilled, reached, or attained. We hope for things like healing in our bodies, new opportunities, the revival of lost dreams, the healing of hurt relationships, and many other things that we so long for, but haven’t happened yet. The longer the prayer goes unanswered, the harder it feels to hold onto our hope. The longer the pain endures, the less we see hope of healing in the relationship or illness. Yet, hope is what keeps us fighting and battling for our miracle. It is hope in the desired outcome that keeps us contending in tear filled and heartfelt prayers that move the heart of God. It is hope that keeps us moving in the direction of our dreams. It is hope that there is more to come that keeps us from becoming stuck in a valley when our mountaintop is just ahead. Today I pray for renewed hope to rise up out of you. That you would remember what you desire and you would AGAIN believe that it is coming. That you would feel the joy of believing in your miracle once again. That you would have a brand new hope fill your heart and your mind will be set ahead of you and not behind. That you will be able to look ahead to a new vision and be filled with hope that it can happen for you. Gorgeous Girl, today is a brand new day to be filled with hope for what is ahead!

Dear Heavenly Father,
I pray for a fresh new perspective and new reservoir of hope to rise up out of the woman reading this. That she would physically feel her hope and faith in what is to come be renewed. That she would hear Your voice distinctly and clearly when you give directions and leading. That her dreams and visions be refreshed to heavenly possibilities. That miracles unfold in her life and that she is hopeful again that her breakthrough is coming.
In Jesus name, Amen.Quotes_Creator_20180803_055019.png

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