Wild, crazy, immeasurable, lavish and unconditional.

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start, and a whole week waits ahead for you to explore, uncover, create, and enjoy. We have so many opportunities to receive and to give love to others. Gods love is all consuming, immeasurable, hard to comprehend. His love is unconditional and He is lavish in His expressions of love. I am in awe of the great lengths God has gone to reveal Himself to me and to redeem me and set me back on solid ground. As I read story after story in the bible, God is continually seeking His people. He is continually pouring out His love and desiring goodness for the people of God. His desire for us is that we would turn and receive His love.

Just as a parent derives great joy from showing love and affection to their child, so God wants to show His affection for you. This concept is hard to fully comprehend because many of us have a different perspective of our creator God. We all come from different experiences and different backgrounds and different teachings on the character of God. The way we view our God will shape the way we enter into His Presence, the way we pray, the way we worship, and also the way we are willing to receive the gifts, blessings, provision, promises, and unconditional love that He has for us. God’s love for you is wild, crazy, far reaching, immeasurable, and unconditional. You can’t earn God’s love and you can’t lose God’s love. The closest comparable thing is that of a parent who loves their child regardless of how the child behaves. The love is always there. It’s hard to fully comprehend Gods love for us, but I want to try to sneak a peek into it this week. We all desire love. We are hard wired to give and to receive love because our Creator created us in His image and He is love. We crave to know we are loved and we crave to share love with others. It is our design.

Gorgeous girl, today spend some time asking God to show you how much He loves you. Ask for an open heart to receive His love in a fresh new way. He will surprise you with His goodness.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for increased experience with Your love. That we would grow in our understanding of how much You love us. That we could get glimpses of the very real and intense love you have for each of us. Lord, transform our hearts so that we are able to receive your love and then help us to be able to pour it right back out and onto others. Thank you Lord for a fresh new week to walk in Your goodness. Help us to accomplish all You’ve called us to each day starting with this very morning. In Jesus name, Amen

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