Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new opportunity to meditate or thoughtfully ponder the love that God has for you. Yesterday, we pressed into the fact that He fully knows you and fully loves you. Not only is your every detail formed by God, not only does He know you fully, but He also CHOSE you. You are hand picked, selected, and chosen by God to be His own.

Being chosen signifies another’s desire for us. When we are chosen, it is because someone sees something in us. They see possibility, gifting, talent, a skill needed on the team or for the company. Our friends chose us, our spouse chose us, our job chose us. Our friends, our spouse, our work chose us without fully knowing us. They get to see the best parts of us. Eventually, friends, spouses, and even coworkers may get to experience us in areas that are less than our very best that we put out there in the beginning, and hopefully there is grace, forgiveness, and restoration.

BUT GOD didn’t choose you when you were putting your best forward. God didn’t choose you because He liked the way you interviewed or because you had a fun sense of humor. God chose you simply because you are you. He chose you when He laid the foundation of the earth. He was dreaming of you. Putting you in the earth at this very time period. He chose you, formed you, planned you, and he desires to be in a close relationship with you. He wants to continually remind you of who He designed you to be. He wants to pour out His lavish love on you. He wants to lift up your head on hard days. He wants to celebrate with you on good days. He wants to show you how much, how far, how deep His love stretches. You gorgeous girl are no accident. You are a chosen daughter, selected by the God of the entire universe, put here for divine purposes. You are a powerful force of God’s love. Chosen, set apart, and given a destiny. That’s you!

Dear Heavenly Father,
Help us to fathom these great truths. That You formed us, chose us, set us apart, and have good plans for us. Help our brains to comprehend these amazing truths about Your love. Open our hearts to receive Your love. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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