Christmas Story Day 1

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new week to keep our eyes fixated on Jesus. There are lots of distractions in our daily lives, but I am feeling especially distracted and pulled in many directions as we begin the Christmas Season. I am already watching my calendar fill up at home and at work. There is alot to do and many todo lists to be conquered. And this year, I am feeling something new. A deep desire to fixate my eyes on Jesus and truly give it my best shot to keep this season all about Him.

Of course every year, Christmas is about Jesus. Yet, in the past few years I openly confess our family has gotten wrapped up in the traditions and the frenzy that the holiday brings. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Yet, it has left me feeling exhausted, running on empty, and without the peace the season promises.

Christmas is a time to recognize the importance of how the Old Testament Promises of God were beginning to be fulfilled as a newborn baby who was actually the Lord Himself, was born into the earth. The love and compassion that the Lord has for His people that He would leave His place of honor in Heaven. He would choose to come to earth and take on human form so that He could be our ultimate redeemer and make a way for us to be in connection to God daily.

When I pause to think about the Christmas Story, I see how deeply our God loves us. He is willing to do wild things and go to great lengths to save us and bring us close to Him. He is a loving Father who has great mercy on us.

This year amidst the busy holiday season, I am going to reflect and share scriptures that keep my eyes on the One for Whom this Season is intended. I crave to understand this story deeper and to receive the peace that Jesus places in our hearts when we spend time with Him.

Gorgeous Girl, it is going to be a beautiful Christmas season filled with blessings and joy, and…..PEACE. The peace of Jesus.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Gently mold our heart and our minds so that we can capture the real reason for the season. Open our hearts to receive Your peace in a fresh new way this season. Help our eyes to be opened to receive the gift you brought from heaven to earth when you were born as a baby in Bethlehem. Let this Christmas Season be all about You Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

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