God’s Special Treasure

Gooood Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. Yet, another new dawn to revel in the goodness of the Lord. Our Lord is so loving, so compassionate, so concerned about every single detail of your life. He cares about your emotions, your finances, your health, your relationships, your commitments, your family, your children, and even your generational line. He is a God who cares about our whole being and all of the details even the minor ones.

In the book of Exodus, the Israelites are still in the wilderness. They will be spending some time there because they have some growing to do and lessons to learn before they are ready to take possession of the land that the Lord has promised them.

While they are in the wilderness, the Lord is beginning to teach them, to instruct them toward a healthy lifestyle, and He is speaking identity into them. He tells them that they are His special treasure. His own people. He says that they will be a holy people. They will be the Lord’s priests. He speaks identity and Life into them before He gives them commandments. He first tells them WHO they are to Him. They are a chosen treasure.

Next, He will make a covenant with them to seal them. He is going to give them the ten commandments and instructions for how to live in a manner so that their community can have order, justice, and prosperity. He seals the instructions by a blood covenant from an animal. They are His treasure. The Israelites are His special treasure by right of birth because of the promise given to Abraham and passed down through Isaac to Jacob who was renamed Israel by God and he had 12 sons from whom the people of Israel came to be. These Israelites were saved from slavery in Egypt and now they are wandering through the wilderness of the desert as God begins to shape them into a holy people. He starts with their sacred identity as His chosen people!

That was the old covenant of the Old Testament, and a beautiful precursor of the covenant relationship we have in Jesus. YOU are also God’s chosen treasure. His beloved child and a child of promise. It is not by accident that when I opened my bible app this morning, I was in John. I was in John still from my post yesterday about Jesus calling Himself and His disciples the vine.. He goes onto teach more in John 15 and He has alot to say to His disciples because He is about to be crucified. So He is giving them alot of information and alot of instructions. But what else does He do? Just like the Lord did for the Israelites under the old covenant, as Jesus is about to initiate a new covenant that includes all of us. HE Speaks Identity into His Disciples. He tells them that they are chosen by God, they are friends of God, and that they are loved dearly by the Father. So dearly that they can ask and pray to Him directly! He is speaking of you and me! He is giving us identity in Christ and access to the Father! He seals this new covenant with Himself as the sacrifice.

In Exodus, God spoke to the people mostly through Moses. The people were not allowed to travel up the mountain and be in the Lord’s Presence. Instead, He spoke through Moses and Aaron as the mediators between God and the people. Now Jesus is our mediator and He delivered a new and better covenant. Now as daughters and sons of God, we have direct access to the Lord! We have been called friend of the Lord, Chosen people, and dearly LOVED!

What a beautiful promise to walk in today! You! Are. God’s Chosen, dearly loved friend and He wants to hear from you today. You have much fruit to bear!

Dear Heavenly Father, What a promise! You are the promise giver and the promise keeper! Thank YOU Lord for choosing me and calling me your friend. Thank You Lord for caring about the details of my life. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings to you!

Vanessa Lynn

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