All Things New

Goooood Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. New, new, new. God is continually in the process of making all things new. You can see examples of this all throughout creation. Newness is part of the Lord’s regenerative design of the earth. New dawn each morning, new seasons throughout the year, sprouting up of new plants, new trees, and new leaves in the spring, new life is born, and there are more examples I am sure.

God is also at work in our lives to make things new as they need it. He makes our hearts new when we receive Him. He is continually renewing us and refreshing us.

Often times it is darkest right before the newness sprouts. It is often darkest before dawn. And just as it feels like it’s been dark for way too long, the first slivers of light start to emerge as the dawn begins.

A seed is buried in darkness. It may spend quite a long time beneath the earth before the conditions are right for it to sprout. Just as it gives up hope that it will ever emerge from the darkness, the creative power inside of it emerges and it forces it’s way out of the dark home it’s become accustomed to. As it breaks through the earth, it rises out of the ground and meets the sweet sunshine.

Right before newness, there is often some form of darkness, pain, or struggle. We often push through a season of struggle, and then find out the reason behind the struggle was the birth of something new in our lives. Something that we never expected. Something that wasn’t of our own planning or designing. A new opportunity, a new season, a new hope, or a new chance at an old dream.

When things get tough, and you feel hard pressed on all sides,

When the darkness has enveloped you and isn’t letting up,

When the struggle feels too much to bear,

When the pain rises up against you,

It’s in those moments when its essential that you…….Keep going. Keep Rising. Keep praying. Keep speaking boldly to your mountains in your way. Keep moving. Keep looking for your glimmer of light. Keep watching for your new season. Your new chance. Your new perspective. Your new……

God is a God of newness. He makes all things new. He is doing a new thing in the lives of His people as they hold steady to the truth of His Word and keep following Him even when it gets hard.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Guide us. Strengthen us. Renew our hope and refresh our hearts as we push through hard things and await the newness that is ahead. Lord, we will keep rising and looking for the light to break through in areas where we are experiencing darkness.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

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