Carrying out the greatest commandment of all…

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to live and walk in love. I woke up and planned to write about how God broke the yoke of slavery off of us and gave us a light yoke that with Him is easy to carry.
Yet instead, I found myself writing intensely about loving in hard circumstances. Really loving people even when all you want to do is lash back. Loving people everywhere we go. Banks, checkout lines, parking lots, government offices, our workplace, our home. Sometimes we love until we are waiting in a long checkout line, then we may let frustration rise above the Lord’s commandment to love your neighbor as yourself. Sometimes we love until our actual neighbor does something offensive. Sometimes we love until we are face to face with a rude bank teller or an unhelpful clerk. Sometimes someone is being downright nasty without apology. It’s in these very moments, when Jesus can shine the brightest. It’s when we are frustrated, angry, disappointed, or hurt, when there is opportunity to practice loving like Jesus.

I know it’s a stretch, but I am praying for a perspective change. I want to view these moments with new lenses. I want to see them as fresh opportunities to pour out God’s love on a hurting world. I am praying for God to equip me to live out His greatest commandment: Love God, Love others. We will need His help.

Here is my prayer this morning. It is a bold one. I pray you would join with me in this prayer and we can be women who impact this world in a mighty way just by choosing love time and time again.

Dear Lord,
Help me to love even through disappointment

Help me to love even through frustration.

Help me to love even through exhaustion.

Help me to love even through loss.

Help me to love even through anger.

Help me to love even through illness.

Help me to love even through deep pain.

Help me to love even through confusion.

Help me to love even through stressful moments.

Help me to love even through fear of rejection.

Help me to love others with a God given, and God poured out love. The kind of love that pushes through percieved barriers, and loves even in the midst of unlovable circumstances.

Help me to love like You Lord. Lavishly, wildly, boldly, courageously, specifically, and intentionally.

Help me to be a vessel that receives the outpouring of your love and then pours it out onto others like a thick anointing oil. Let the love we share leave everyone in our path changed and smelling like the fragrance of the Lord. Let our love be strong and mood changing, perspective shifting, and atmosphere shifting. Let the love of the Lord be so strong in us and around us that even when we leave the room, those left behind can feel the Presence of the Lord.

Lord, I am asking to be able to radically love Your people through every barrier standing in my way. Help me to love even when my flesh desires to respond with the opposite of love. Help me to love like you loved when You walked the earth. Equip me to be a walking vessel of your love. I pray to love my enemies just as you commanded. Let anyone who comes against me encounter Your love and be forever changed. Let Your love shine brighter than the darkness around me.
Help me to love even when it’s hard.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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