Treasure Hunting

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A new start. A fresh beginning. A whole new sunrise is about to peek out from the horizon. It may start subtle, and then before you know it, the sun will be bold and bright and glaring. Shining for all to see and enjoy. Brightening up the day, chasing away the traces of darkness that try to cling on from the evening before.

Step out and into the sunshine today. Let the sun be a daily reminder that all things are being made new. The old has passed away, and God’s mercies are new and afresh every morning.

There is new equipping grace available to you today. What seemed impossible yesterday, try again today. This may be your day.

There is new forgiveness today. The sunrise reminds us of that each day. Yesterday washed away by the rising sun.

There is new destiny today. New opportunity. New company. New conversation. New laughter. New joy.

A refreshing of your spirit and a quenching of the thirst of your soul is available in Jesus today.

Rise up to Him. Open your eyes and let the very first words you speak be..”Good morning my Lord. This is the day that You have made. Let me rejoice and be glad in it. Thank you Lord for a new dawn, a new beginning, and new chance to live and breathe today.”

Gorgeous Girl, each day is a gift to treasure and savor. There will be surprises both good and bad, but soak up each moment for they pass so quickly. The moments flee, and the days fly, and the weeks whizz by, and the years pass.

Slow down. Don’t look too far ahead. Don’t lovingly look backwards at what has passed away yesterday.

Instead feast your eyes, your focus, your attention on this very day. This moment. This sunrise. This cup of coffee. This conversation. This person right in front of you. This child right before you. This moment. Whatever moments come your way today. Seek the joy. Be a treasure hunter of joy. What you seek, you will find.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the new dawn. You are a good, good Father. Guide our feet today. Open our eyes and our ears to the goodness all around. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings today!

Vanessa Lynn

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