But and Suddenly

Goood Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. The sun will begin to reveal its sweet light soon. A new day will begin, and new days bring new opportunities. New choices and new chances!

Today is a brand new day to believe again that what you are battling can and will be overcome. The chains that have been holding you can be broken off. The frustrating wall that you have been coming against can crumble. The mountain can be cast into the sea.

Even if there is no physical sign yet of any change in your situation, there is POWER in your continued prayer.

If you are praying on behalf of a loved one, friend or family member, keep praying. Your prayer is a powerful weapon against the dark. Keep praying for your “suddenly” moment. Suddenly moments happen without prior visible signs. That doesn’t mean that Heavenly activity was not already working. Its just that we couldn’t see it, so it seemed sudden. Just because you cannot see God working, it doesn’t mean He isn’t moving.

Just before the sun rises, it is daaaaark. Prior to that first sliver of blue, there is no sign of the impending sunrise. Yet, the earth has been on the move all night. It just seems as though the sun just appears, although the process has been at work all night.

Two words stuck out at me this morning as I read the story of Peter’s release from prison. BUT and SUDDENLY!

Peter is the same apostle whom denied Jesus three times. Later, Jesus appeared to him and asked him three times, “Do you love me?” And these questions gave Peter three opportunities to tell Jesus how much he loved him! That’s another story, but it shows how loving and forgiving Jesus is!

This same Peter is boldly preaching the good news of Jesus everywhere! And he gets arrested and placed in prison. He was so well guarded that he had 4 squads of 4 soldier each guarding him! Under this type of supervision, Peter was kept in prison, but the church was praying for him.

There’s the but! He was imprisoned, but he had a praying body of believers calling on heaven’s power! He was being held captive by man, but bold believers in the earth accessing the keys of heaven! He may have been in the darkness of a prison cell, but light was being accessed by believers and their prayers were bringing heaven straight to earth!!

The night before his trial, he was sleeping between two soldiers. He was sleeping! What peace amidst trial. This reminds me of Psalm 23: ” He makes me lie down in green pastures.”

Peter was bound in chains between two soldiers with another flock of soldiers at the door. All earthly wisdom and everything the human eyes can see would say… All is hopeless. He’s not going anywhere. The chains are staying and even if they fell, there are still soldiers to his right and to his left as well as a small army standing guard at the door! BUT the believers were PRAYING!!!!!!!! They were accessing their inheritance of Heavenly power right here on earth, and the Lord was moving.

Suddenly, an angel appeared, woke Peter up, and the chains fell off!! He got up and by the leading of the angel, he dressed, put his sandals on, and walked free right past every soldier on duty!!!!!

Friends, it happened suddenly right in the dark of night with no other sign beforehand. Your miracle can happen the same way. Don’t stop praying with your whole heart. Keep praying, keep hoping, keep believing that your suddenly is coming.

You may not have seen a single sign yet. The darkness may be all around. There may be layers of roadblocks. Peter had chains, a prison cell, soldiers on both sides, and a group of them at the door. Suddenly, every barrier to his freedom was taken care of by the Lord. He even had time to get dressed. He was completely freed and able to walk right out of what was holding him captive.

A few takeaways… Peter obeyed every word of instruction. He was told to wake up, and he did. He was told to get dressed, and he did. He was told to wrap his cloak around himself and follow the angel, and he did. His obedience allowed him to just walk free. He didn’t argue that there wasn’t time to get fully dressed. He didn’t argue or question how he could just walk out past the guards. The angel spoke, Peter obeyed.

The people were praying for Peter. Your prayers matter! They are not only heard, but they also cause Heavenly activity to occur. When you pray, you are the conduit for heaven’s power to invade the earth! Our faith and our spoken prayers CAN and DO change tides, release chains, turn hearts, open doors, heal hurts, drive away sickness, mend relationships, send darkness fleeing.

Keep praying!. And let prayer be the “but” that cancels out your struggle. Hold tight to the hope that your “suddenly” is coming.

He was sick, but he was praying.

She was struggling to provide, but she was praying.

Their relationship seemed beyond repair, but they were praying.

The situation was bleak, but the prayers continued without ceasing.

The darkness never seemed to end, but the family kept praying.

Each day was a struggle, but he prayed endlessly.

But turns into suddenlies!!!!

Suddenly, he was well.

Suddenly, a new job offer was presented.

Suddenly, a new peace reigned.

Suddenly, hope was revived.

Suddenly, the light broke through.

Suddenly, rest came on all sides….

I have lots of personal suddenly testimonies. Do you have one to share that might encourage another believer to keep praying for their “suddenly” moment? I would love to hear your stories of answered prayer. Please drop a comment and share your suddenly story!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for giving us the keys to the kingdom. Please help us to use them to access what You have so lovingly made available to us. Let us be strengthened to keep praying for breakthroughs! In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings and Suddenlies,

Vanessa Lynn

One thought on “But and Suddenly

  1. I have always failed at healthy eating habits long term… but I pray… and hope that this is my suddenly! Suddenly Peter was free… I love that. Suddenly, I am free. I LOVE THAT. The fact in can just happen, like snapping your fingers. Suddenly. I am no longer held back in the prison of failure, the cycle of bad eating and guilt and shame. Suddenly, I am free. This is my new I am, friend!!

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