Our Heavenly Weapon of Prayer

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and move in the direction that God is calling you to. Forward, always forward. Never back. As you move in faith day after day, a holy strengthening is happening. You can’t stay the same if you are taking steps with God. Rise up today and just take another step forward.

Moving ahead is scary at times, sometimes even confusing. When the fog comes and you are unsure of your next instruction from God, lean in and pray.

Let His clarity drive away the fog. Let His truth chase away any lies. Let Him guide, direct, and illuminate the next open door. If you need to hear Him, lean in and pray.

Prayer is one of our weapons that we have to battle against the dark. We have spiritual weapons to fight back against anything rising against us. Prayer can be a mighty force that brings down heaven’s armies on your behalf. Prayer moves and shifts things in the earth by first shifting the supernatural. Your prayers move and shift things that you cannot see with your eyes at first. Your prayers must have great power because in scripture we are instructed to pray continually.

Jesus prayed often and fervently. He knew that there was great power to be accessed when He met with the Father in prayer. He knew that battles are won in prayer. He showed us time and time again that prayer is powerful. He prayed alone and He prayed in front of crowds. He prayed when He healed people, and He prayed with His disciples.

As the time drew near to His crucifixion, He instructed His disciples to join Him in the garden of Gethsemane to pray. There is great power in our prayers. They shift, move, rearrange, and realign things in the earth back to humans being in constant communion with God. We were designed by God to be with God. And Jesus returned to remove the veil between the people and the Lord. You have been granted full access to the Lord, and you can pray directly to Him and He will draw near to you. He will turn His ears to You. He will look you in the eye. He will not be distracted or busy. He will listen and be merciful to you.

Your prayers are not only weapons against the dark, but also the key to Kingdom power. Your prayers have the power to draw heaven’s design and power into the earth. You can access your inheritance of peace and joy now while here on earth when you spend time in prayer with Your Creator. He will administer what you need. If you have a need for peace, for joy, for rest, for the Father to hear you, lean in and pray.

Something special happens when we pray in the secret place. When we get before the Lord alone somewhere, and just pour it all out. Those times are very special because the Lord will meet with you. He will draw close and administer the things your spirit is thirsty for. He will fill in the parts that are running on empty. He will touch the parts that ache with fatigue. He will speak clarity so the fog has to flee. Prayer time alone in a quiet place is a place to pour your heart out to the One who knows you and a place to receive back from Him the provision and healing and sweet anointing that only He can give.

Friends, you can pray anywhere, at anytime because Jesus paved a way and tore down all that separated us. If you are in the thick of the battle, lean in and pray.

If the battle is over, and you have wounds, lean in and pray. If the battle is up ahead, lean in and pray. If there is a mountain in your way, pray. If you are weary, lonely, discouraged, pray. If all is well and you feel great, praise be to God as you pray!

Your prayers carry immense power to shift and change the world around you.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for full access to pray to You. Thank You for giving us Heavenly weapons that carry real power to cast mountains into the sea, to heal, and to see Your kingdom manifest on earth.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.


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