His Healing Light

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and be filled with the peace of Jesus. A new day to seek His face and find all you need. A new day to turn away from the old and unto the new. A new day to release an old hurt and walk in healing and wholeness. A new day to dance like you’ve been forgiven completely, entirely, and fully. You are free to walk or even run with Jesus. Old chains are gone, and you may walk out into newness.

As you walk free from something that has been holding you captive, the new light shining on a dark corner can feel uncomfortable at first. Your eyes haven’t adjusted to the light, and the old darkness looks inviting. Its comfortable there, you know your way around in that dark area because you’ve been there awhile..its like a well known room that you can navigate easily in the dark of night because you know where all of the furniture is set. Just because darkness is comfortable, doesn’t make it safe. Becoming at ease in the dark areas of our life is dangerous and blinds us to the truth. Continually ask the Lord to shed His bright light on any lingering darkness.

Where light shines, darkness flees. Even a dim light can illuminate a dark room, and the darker the room, the brighter the light appears.

And our darkness can be such a wide variety of things, belief systems, past trauma, addiction, unhealthy relationships, or a sin that keeps returning. We all have something that the Lord is shining His beautiful light upon.

In my own walk, I have found God to be intentional and gentle as He lights up my darkness. He doesn’t shine the light on every issue all at once. That would be too overwhelming. Instead, He brings something into His light. I have to choose to allow Him to heal it, illuminate it, and I have to walk into the truth in that area and experience healing and new life.

As I conquer that with Jesus, He starts over and shines His light on something else that has been in a dark corner. And it is scary dealing with things that have been tucked away, but the sweet light is always better than the dark. So, I will continue to invite Him into my heart and my life to examine it and set me free to walk in the light in ALL areas of my life.

It takes great courage to leave old comforts behind, and walk in newness. You are a courageous child of the King of Kings who is Lord over all. Whom shall you fear? The light is healing and much safer than the perceived safety of our darkness.

Dear Heavenly Father, We invite you into our hearts and our lives to fully examine our ways, our intentions, and our thoughts. Chase away any darkness with Your light and bring full healing and restoration. In Jesus’s name. Amen..

Blessings and light!

Vanessa Lynn

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