Walking With Him

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day! A fresh new start. The sun will rise soon and wash the day in sweet light. It will be a new beginning that is filled with opportunities to walk with Jesus, seek Jesus, and share Jesus.

That’s what each day is. A new day with new chances to let Him lead the way.

A new day to trust Him enough to get in step next to Him or even sometimes behind Him. I believe different seasons call for a different placement in our feet next to Jesus. Sometimes Him and I are in step working side by side. His Holy Spirit equipping me and Jesus is right there as we walk out a path or Holy assignment together.

Other times, He is leading the whole way and I am faithfully just following. Sometimes, I am clinging to Him with my knees trembling and as He walks, I take another step too. In those seasons, I am usually trying something brand new. I am stepping out of the boat. I am working through a struggle in some area. And He faithfully keeps me going even if I am hiding behind Him and clinging to Him. As He steps, I step. I imagine it like a child whose parent is coaxing them into a classroom or new setting for the first time. The child is walking, but clinging on behind the parent usually shielding their face as they enter this new territory.

Yet with encouragent and guidance, they enter while holding tight to mom or dad. Sometimes our walk with Jesus looks just like that.

In step with Him or behind Him is where I always want to be. Where I get myself into trouble is when I run in front of him. My twins do this. They will attempt to race eachother ahead of me and after they get so far, they turn to me and realize that they don’t know where to turn. We do the SAME thing with God.

We think we know where to go. Or we want to move faster than God is walking us. We get impatient, and we start to solve problems our own way. We start to work things out without consulting God or without really waiting for His answer. We begin to move and shift things before God was ready for us to move into that space. I am guilty of this, and so my prayers lately have been, ” Lord, keep me from jumping ahead of You. Help me to keep my hands out of things that You are already working out on my behalf.”

When you are waiting on a breakthrough and you have prayed and listened and prayed and listened… this is a great verse to cling to: Be still and know that I am God. There was a great infographic circulating Facebook last week. I am sharing it here too. It’s a great reminder that God has it all under control. He will move the mountain. He will slay the giant or empower you to slay the giant. But wait for Him. Your outcome will always be more fruitful (and less dangerous) when you are walking in step with the Lord of the whole Universe rather than trying to go at it alone ahead of God.

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Dear Heavenly Father,

Keep us close.. keep us walking in step with You Lord. Keep us in Your will and Your leading. Help us to recognize Your lead, Your Presence, Your directions. Let us not run ahead of You, and instead right next to You or even behind You when needed. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

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