You can Take Him at His Word

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and move like Heaven’s army. You are a chosen vessel of the living God selected for His kingdom work. Just as Jesus was about His Father’s business, we are also to be about the business of the Lord.

We are a chosen people, a royal priesthood. We are heirs to the throne. Everything the Father made available to Jesus during His walk, has been made available to us. That is truth. Jesus said it.

He promised that when He left the earth and ascended to the Father, He would send Holy Spirit. He promised that mankind would never walk alone separated from God. We would have His Spirit living on the inside of us.

Let me tell you my friends, I heard testimonies last night about radical healing. People who laid hands on the sick and watched them recover. People who trusted God for a miracle, and then saw it manifest. I spent a few hours last night with a group of fellow believers who are going after God in a whole new level than I have ever experienced. They are stepping out and going after the promises of God. They are risking looking foolish, and worshipping with total abandon. They are worshipping as if God were right there in the room because He is. He says He inhabits the praise of His people. So when you take Him at His word, you praise Him like He is walking the aisles of the church while you praise.

When you read that Jesus said we would do even greater miracles than He did because He was sending a precious gift to us. When you read that the Holy Spirit was going to actually take up residence in our body and enable us to do the work of heaven after Jesus went to the Father. When you read that and DARE to live like you believe it, in THAT scary space of stepping out into the unknown is where Jesus is. Jesus wasn’t in the boat. He was out in the impossible space. He was walking on the water!

He is same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He was a miracle working God in the Old Testament. He was a miracle working God in the New Testament. And He is a miracle working God today! In our body midst, Jesus still heals the sick, moves mountains, and does what looks like the impossible.

How do we access it? I will learn more today, but from last night, I saw people accessing it! And heard stories of people accessing it. The access is there! Given to us because of Jesus. We have to step out of all that keeps holding us back, and trust that Jesus will meet us on top of the water!

More to come my friends! For today, walk with the assurance that you serve a miracle working God who is still moving among His people. He has GREAT plans for you! He loves you preciously and dearly and with great zeal. Wherever you stand this morning, God has more in store ahead. He is soooooooo good! And I am excited to encounter Him today and get back to you all to share more!

Dear Heavenly Father,

You blow me away! You continue to show me new levels of Your goodness. You continue to draw me in and reveal the truth of how deeply you love Your people. Lord, let each person who reads these words today encounter you in a fresh new way. Let the warmth of Your love empower them to walk ahead with You.

In Jesus’s name, Amen

Blessings and miracles,

Vanessa Lynn

One thought on “You can Take Him at His Word

  1. Wonderful Vanessa. I am glad you saw this. Steeping out of the boat and walking in faith is very scary at first but as you walk with Him you realize that He is always with you. We do ourselves a disservice when we do not give our all to Him in complete trust for if we did we would see His great provision. We have seen this in our own lives and encourage you to let go of your all to Jesus and step out in faith. There are a number of us who have and testify accordingly. May He bless you as you follow Him in faith.

    Homer Les
    Uncompromising Faith

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