He will Faithfully Illuminate the Next Step

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to courageously take one step! Sometimes just one step is all that is needed to jumpstart your journey.

Sometimes we fear the one step because we want to know how it will look after we take a thousand steps. Sometimes all we can see is the very next step of our journey. Sometimes the only part illuminated in the next step. Sometimes there is just enough light for you to take one more step. Then as you step, the next bit of light appears and you can see where to step for your next step only.

This type of walking and movement can be very frustrating because we can’t see the big picture. We can only see in part, and seeing in part takes great faith. We are taking each step of faith believing that as we do, the next light will appear. When you are walking with Jesus, the next light or the next direction is always given. But often times that’s it. Just enough is given for one step of faith at a time.

The one step can be a phone call that you have no idea how the conversation will go. You don’t know what you’ll say or what they will say. Yet, you know God is calling you to make the first step of picking up the phone. You make the call, and he will light up the next step.

The one step could be going back to school or learning something new. Our human desire is to have it all figured out before we start, to know exactly where we work afterwards, etc. What if the first step is just to fill out the application? He will take care of the rest.

The one step could be almost anything when you are frozen in place because you don’t know all of the details. What if the moment you moved one foot forward, you got enough light for one more step and then one more?

About 5 years ago, my one step was reaching out to our local foster care network and inquiring about becoming licensed as a single mother. I had NO idea how it would look. I tried to picture a future and I couldn’t because there were too many things uncertain. I knew that my two kiddos who were 8 and 4 had a lot of love to share. I knew we had a safe place to live, and we wanted to reach out to care for children. I also clearly knew in my spirit that God was telling me to do it. He had placed it on my heart during worship one Sunday at church. My initial reaction was laughter. I could think of a thousand reasons to count myself out of taking that first step. But God wouldn’t let up, so I made the phone call. After that first call, it was literally a step at a time to today. And God has been faithful the entire journey. One step at a time.

Friends, God promises that His plans for you are good! He has plans to prosper you. So you don’t need the big picture. Although we want it! Whatever your big picture dreams are, they begin with just one step ahead.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help us to have faith for our next step. Just one step ahead. Help us to move and take that step.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings and Next Steps!

Vanessa Lynn

5 thoughts on “He will Faithfully Illuminate the Next Step

  1. I just read a poem about taking life step by step, one at a time. Your post was perfect and very timely. I also love how you said that when you heard God’s voice during worship, you laughed. I’ve been reading about Abraham and Sarah, and how she laughed when God promised her a son in her old age. Thank you so much for this very encouraging post today, Vanessa!

    1. Hi Patty!
      Wow, I love when we get multiple messages from God that all say the same thing. Such confirmation that it’s really Him! Thanks for encouraging me as well! Vanessa

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