Another day, Another chance

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and believe that the Lord is continually doing something new. Each sunrise is a gentle reminder that each day stands alone..Each sunrise is a reminder that God is continually making all things new. Each sunrise is painted differently than the day before.

Each morning as we drive to school, I admire the sky and invite my kids to notice its beauty. Some days its blue and white, others pink and orange, and sometimes there are shades of purple too. And sometimes, the sunrise is so majestic, it is hard to describe.

What I have noticed is that the sky never looks exactly the same. Each morning stands alone. Each morning holds hope for all that is possible today.

Each morning holds promise that whatever you walk through, God will stand right beside you.

Each morning is another chance for the person struggling with alcohol to choose sobriety today.

Each morning is another chance for the person living from high to high to walk into rehab.

Each morning is a another chance to choose to walk away from what is hurting you and into the strong arms of Jesus who holds every answer.

Each morning is a new chance to drop the walls of protection built around your heart and let Jesus heal each painful hurt one by one.

Each morning is a new chance to parent your babies with kindness and gentleness.

Each morning is a new chance to love and to be loved.

Each morning is a new chance to leave something you’ve been struggling with behind, and choose a new way with Jesus. You may have been walking with Him for a long time, yet there is an area that you are holding back from Him. An area where you are walking alone and you desperately need victory. Invite Him TODAY, don’t wait another day. Fully hand it over, and turn your back from the old pattern. Invite Jesus to teach you a new way. Invite Him again and again and again. Every moment you can lean into Him for strength as you walk a new way straight into your victory!

Each morning is a gift to treasure. You are alive and you have breath in your lungs. You are loved and adored by the Lord who crafted your every feature. You have a plan and purpose placed on your life by the Lord Himself. And this very morning is a brand new chance to step forward and ahead right into your callling!

New dawn, new day, new walk.. This day can look completely different from every other day you’ve ever lived.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We boldly proclaim new living into our lives. Lord, come and renew our minds and our hearts to see new possibilities with Christ Jesus. Show us an area that can use a new touch, a fresh healing, a new direction, and then fill us up with bold strength to leave it behind for new life in that area. Just like the new dawn will chase away the darkness today, let there be a new dawn in our lives today. Rekindle an old dream in us or awaken a new one..Help us to pick up hope again that we can walk in newness of life this very day!

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings and Newness!

Vanessa Lynn

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