Marvel and Enjoy

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day has been gifted to you. Enjoy every single part of this precious gift. May you enjoy the stillness of the morning. Just as one admires a beautifully wrapped gift before they open it, slow down and marvel at the beautiful unfolding and unwrapping of a new day as the dawn emerges.

Take your time unwrapping the gift of the day today. Don’t tear through the paper or rip off the bows. Instead savor each part. Gently remove the ribbons and bow and tape. Slow down today. Pray, sip your coffee, sing with the radio. Unwrap your day this morning slowly and enjoy each part.

Once the gift of a new day is open and revealed and you are off and running, enjoy the day!! Don’t forget to play today. Talk to people, and really listen. Work hard at being fully present and in the moment. Be mentally present for each conversation. Be open to growing and learning with those around you. As you run into struggles throughout the day, pause and pray. Lift it all right up to the throne room. Don’t keep anything here on earth that needs heaven’s touch. Send it up!

Take care of the gift you have unwrapped. Protect it. Treasure it. Appreciate it. Today is a special treasure all it’s own. Savor the parts that are really good, and try to figure out the lessons that you can learn from the curveballs thrown your way.

And be gentle with yourself at the end of the day. Take your gift and lovingly thank the gift giver. Today and every day is a precious gift from the Lord. A present to savor, to play, and to learn from. And at the end as you reflect over the day, the amazing miracle is that if you really struggled or messed up at the end of today, you can begin again the very next day. Each day stands alone. A new gift. A new treasure.

Dear Heavenly Father,

What a rare and precious gift each new dawn brings. Thank You for being the author and giver of life. Thank You for the precious gift of another day. Help us to learn to savor and treasure each day. Let us spread joy and hope everywhere we go. Help us to be strengthened each day so that we are growing in Christ every day.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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