What the World Needs is Inside of You

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. It’s a fresh start! It’s time to begin again. It’s a new day to be about the Father’s Business!

Jesus was continually about His Father’s Business. He spent time alone with God, and then He went among the people and touched and healed and delivered. He went in the crowds. He went into homes of notorious sinners. He went and sought out the people who needed the healing touch of God. And He commissioned all of His followers to do the same.

He has called us to be empowered people with the Holy Spirit residing in us. He has given us a beautiful gift. He has made us worthy to house or be the temple for the very Spirit of the Lord!

So when you talk to someone, you already have their answer inside of you.

When you speak, heaven moves.

When you pray, heavenly inheritance is accessed and brought to earth.

You are an ambassador for the Kingdom of God.

You speak for the kingdom. You see how things are around you and you feel grieved because this is not the way things are supposed to be in the Kingdom from which you belong. See you are sealed and seated in Heavenly Places with Christ Jesus.

So when you experience or see things on earth that don’t align with where you’re from, you may feel grieved, uncomfortable, anxious, or even angry. Take those emotions and access the power and authority that you have been given in Christ Jesus. You do not have to plead or beg your prayers, but with authority and boldness you have been given the right to speak healing, to demolish strongholds, to bind up or loose things here on earth in the name of Jesus.

If you knew someone was in need of water and you had a bottle of water, you would give them a drink.

How much more valuable is the kingdom that you carry around inside of you?!

You have someone’s healing in you.

You have someone’s encouragement inside of you.

You have someone’s Holy Spirit advice waiting to spring forth from your lips.

You gorgeous girl are an empowered and equipped vessel of the Holy Spirit and you are called forward for GREAT things!

Your words are POWERFUL and they change the world!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for choosing us to steward the kingdom of God to all we know and meet..Thank you for trusting us with the message of God. Thank You for what a beautiful message it is!

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings and Holy Spirit Activity in your life!

Vanessa Lynn

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