Prayer can be weird.

Ever struggle with prayer? My friend wrote an authentic post straight from the heart about prayer. This is a must read!

Mom Strong Life

So, actually, there’s probably nothing at all weird about prayer. But we, us humans, we can surely make it weird.

Am I doing it right?

Should I have said that? Is that allowed?

Can I talk like that? Shouldn’t I sound more… religious? holy? more like the pastors do? Don’t I need, like, more bible verses when I pray?

OMG Did I really just tell God that I’m pissed off and so angry I’m about to lose it?!

Is it really ok to say, Hey God, I have no idea what to say so will you please just listen to my rambling racing thoughts and make sense of it for me?

Is it prayer when it doesn’t really feel like prayer?

Do I keep trying when I don’t even know if it’s actually “praying” or just rambling?

See? Weird, Right? Or… is that just me?

I used to pray a…

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