Family Valentine’s Day Meal

Okay actually Valentine’s Eve meal. We celebrated a day early.

In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, I’ve been focusing my posts on the perfect love of the Father. His love that can make fear flee, mountains tremble and fall, hearts heal, and brokenness become whole.

I am in awe of the love that our Savior has for His people. He left His seat on high to enter the constraints of human flesh to sacrifice Himself, fully God and fully human because He desires that no one perish, no not one. But that all would come to repentance.

There is no greater love than to lay down One’s life for His friends. He calls us friend among the many, many other beautiful things He calls us. And He loves us unconditionally, wildly, passionately, completely, deliberately, purposefully, and lavishly.

He creates us, calls us, purposes us, fills us, equips us, and then empowers us!

It is so beautiful, so striking, so jaw dropping, and with all these posts about love, I found myself wanting to celebrate in a bigger way than usual this year.

Generally, we exchange small gifts and send treats to school for the kids to pass out. That’s about the extent of the holiday.

This year, I got a last minute idea to have a special Valentine’s Day Dinner. I wanted to make it something the kiddos would all love to eat, and when they saw it, they would know it was a special occasion. And the food that makes every member of our family smile is…. sushi!

We covered the table in hearts.

Ordered a variety of everyone’s favorites.

We held hands and said a longer grace than usual. We prayed for kindness and manners at the table. We thanked Jesus for His love and asked that we would be carriers of His love to everyone.

We posed and took lots of pictures….

We drank green tea and ate with chopsticks..

We ate and laughed and ate even more. The kids were so sweet. They were saying things to eachother like, “Here you go. You can have the last one.” And, “Would you like more soup?”

And all five kiddos were amazingly well behaved.

We sit down to dinner almost every night, but honestly it’s a hoot! They usually fight or they get out of their seats and try to dance or play. We spend alot of time at the dinner table guiding and correcting and cleaning up spills. It’s quite a circus act. Yet, every night there we are around our table giving it another shot like this night will be the night we win.

And…… this Valentine’s Dinner was a win!!

They were kind, manners were spot on, and love was flowing. I am so thankful for this special evening with my family. I am heading to bed with a full heart. I know Jesus set the whole thing up. He is in every detail, and He blessed us with a beautiful evening filled with love and laughter.

Friends, we serve a loving, loving, loving Lord! As you celebrate love, remember it all flows from Him. He is love, and He is perfect love!

Much love and blessings to all of you!

Vanessa Lynn