Scandalous Grace: When God Names You, it Changes Everything

I have posted this before, but as I read the bible this morning, the plan has me in Leviticus. I got to the chapters about being unclean and how women were to be separated and not to be touched by anyone when they were bleeding. It reminded me afresh how amazing this beautiful grace of Jesus really is! He not only healed her, He made a way for her to touch Him!

Brave, Blessed, and Beautiful

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to seek Jesus in a fresh new, way. A new opportunity to push through all obstacles with a desperation for Jesus. When we seek Him with faith and belief that He is The Answer to all that we are needing, we will experience the healing we need. We will also experience something else in addition to our healing, we will receive identity. God given identity that the world cannot touch, cannot deny, and cannot take away from us. I read a chapter from Christine Caine’s book Unashamed and her fresh insight into the story of the the bleeding woman that Jesus healed made my jaw drop. I was and still am blown away by this new revelation of this story.

This story appears in Matthew, Mark, and Luke.. there was a woman who had been sick…

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