In the Moment: Field Trip Today


I had an amazing day with my boys today. It was one of those, “Pinch me. This is going so well days.” It also was sandwiched between a busy morning and a busy afternoon. I had a choice today during this trip.

1. Live in the moment and let myself feel all the joy.

2. Worry about the mounting piles of emails and deadlines on my desk while I was out.

Worrying and mentally time warping back to everything sitting on my desk would not get a single one of those tasks done. Worrying would simply steal my joy right out from under me.

And the enemy has tactics. He knows my weaknesses. He has stolen far too many precious days from me by reminding me of the todo list and making me overthink all that is still to do.

The reason his tactics work so well is there will ALWAYS be something to worry about and there will ALWAYS be a todo list.

So until we learn to choose in the moment living, we will be unintentionally choosing to partner with fear, overthinking, worrying, and obsessing over all that is still left undone.

Instead, I am learning that when I sit at my desk with a long todo list and deadlines staring me down, that work will get my attention. I will be in that moment and work to my best ability because that’s where I am in the moment. I will give my all to my work when I am there.

BUT when I am away from work, I will not mentally sit back at my desk and stare at work that “should” be getting done.

INSTEAD, I will choose to stay right in the beauty in front of me and enjoy the present. It is a precious gift, and I will not give it away to worry or distraction.

And so today, I worked hard in the morning cranking out emails.

And then, I boarded a school bus with a twin holding each hand, and I totally enjoyed the day! It was so precious. I prayed for this. I begged God through heavy sobs to let me raise these boys if it was His will. He granted my prayers, and I’m not willing to give up these moments to the enemy of worry, fear, or mountains of todo lists waiting back at work.

Whatever moment you are in, give it your all. The present is a gift that you’ll never get back. Enjoy the wrapping, savor the unveiling of each moment, and let your whole self, mind included, stay right in the place your feet are planted with the people right in front of you.

Brycen drew me a picture in class before the trip.

Riding the bus was a really BIG deal! As we boarded, Brycen grabbed my hand and said, “I’m so excited. I never did this before. It’s my first time and I can’t wait!”

Mining for gems!

Checking out the animals and the fish on a tractor ride.

Feeding goats and getting to know the farmer. 🙂

Picking strawberries.

And JOY!!! So much JOY!

And the best part, I was mentally present all day. I didn’t worry about work or any other thing during the day. (And trust there are plenty of things warring for my attention, my worry, and my fears.)

But we have more power over our minds than we believe sometimes. We don’t have to entertain every thought and we don’t have to board every worry train.

It was a glorious day with my boys! A day that I will cherish for a long time. I immersed myself fully into the whole time.

And when we finished and pulled back into school, I did go back to my room and worked fully in the moment on the things waiting patiently for me on my desk.

Happy Monday Gorgeous Friends!!! We have a full week still ahead. Stay in each moment as it comes. 🙂


Vanessa Lynn

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