ON purpose, FOR a purpose

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. All things are being renewed. The Lord has set up this beautiful earth to be in constant renewal. From the intricate water cycle to the hatching and transforming life cycle of a butterfly to the morning dawn and the four seasons. This earth is filled with renewal cycles.

God also is in the process of renewing you.

He is like a Master Baker tending to His creation. He is working things in that only He can add. He is the only One with the ability to pour massive quantities of perfect Godly love into you and then position you in spheres of influence so that you can pour that love onto and into people who desperately need it.

Wherever you are today, you can look at your situation through Heavenly lenses, and say that you are placed there with great care and purpose.

Despite the lies of current culture that are raging against our identity and our worthiness, you are here ON purpose, FOR a heavenly purpose.

You were designed to make an impact, not to sit idle.

You were crafted with special attention to every feature.

You were chosen by God for this very moment in history to impact the very people who may be causing you the most trouble.

You are the light in a dark world..

You are the salt that makes things taste better.

You have a living hope that burns bright inside of you.

You are redeemed and set free, so that you would use your freedom to go set other captives free.

This life is valuable, important, and filled with opportunities directly from the throne room of God.

Go forth today, anointed for the good work of the Father. If you don’t feel any of these things, talk to the Lord. Ask Him to reveal your assignments. Ask Him to show you opportunities to step into the role that He has assigned to us. Ask Him to open your eyes afresh to the needs of His people.

I can promise you that if you have breath in your lungs, then God has a plan for your life. His plan for you will lead to fruitfulness and joy, but you have to walk in His ways and His plans to get there. We cannot go our own ways and do whatever we feel like without any regard to God’s will for us, and then expect to be headed in the right direction just by coincidence.

Right walking happens by simply walking with God. Turning to Him daily, sometimes hourly and exchanging our will for His.

Again and again consulting Him. Asking, “Lord, right or left or standing still?”

Asking, “Door 1 or door 2 or stay in the hall awhile?”

The Lord has great and beautiful plans ahead for you! He has never left you. Never forsaken you. He has never dismissed a single prayer you’ve prayed, nor has He left you alone when the tears were streaming down your cheeks.

He is a steady rock that you can count on, depend on, hold tight to, and lean into. He will direct your paths, and He will use your walk in the earth to make a lasting impact for the Kingdom of God.

Turn to Him today and consult Him. Invite Him in, and He will gladly come and minister to your every need. He has a grand and beautiful plan for your life. You have a destiny ahead that will blow your mind. Spend some time today inviting God to speak to you afresh. Ask Him to confirm that you are where you’re supposed to be or to give you courage to move in a new direction. Ask Him to reveal to you what you need to know to keep walking in His divine plan for your life.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are right here with us, guiding us and moving us in the directions that You have set for us. Lord, thank You for the individual plans You have set for each of us. Help us to walk in the paths You have designed for our lives.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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