Fighting Against feelings of Helplessness during Quarantine

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a new day. A brand new start! Another day to love and move like a marked and sealed child of the living King.

You serve a God who is alive and well. He is active and involved. He is real and real with you. You can be your real true self back with Him. He designed you. There’s no need to hide anything from Him.

You may be rising to a new day in quarantine or you may still be headed to work today at an essential job, either way the days seem to all run together these days. Each day is eerily similar to the day before.

We broke out of routine and went all out at home for Easter Sunday. However, just as quickly as the work week resumes, so does the feeling of groundhog day. No extra curricular activities. No dinners out. No beach days. No sports. Instead of the multicolored event calendar on my wall, there is a clean, clear calendar with just a few doctor’s appointments sprinkled in.

This repetitive daily schedule with not much outside interaction can deceive us into thinking that each day is the same as before.

Rest assured, even in quarantine, each sunrise signals the rise of a day that stands alone.

You can still move as an empowered child of the Living King even during this quarantine time.

Each day as you rise, tell God, “Here I am Lord. I am here and ready and willing to be Your Hands and Feet for those who need me. Show me who to encourage. Who needs a phone call? Who needs a message of encouragement? Where can I make an impact? Who can I lift up in prayer today? Who needs a fresh touch, a new touch, or even a brand new introduction to you?”

Friends, the enemy would love for you to believe that LIE that you are unable to serve the kingdom because you are at home every day. Quite the opposite is true, we have our most powerful weapons: prayer, scripture, faith, and Holy Spirit alive within us. You can fight and win battles right from your home. You can call down provision, speak healing, and stand in the gap for a worried friend.

Pray HARD. Be in the SCRIPTURES. Play PRAISE and WORSHIP music and dance like no one is watching or all of heaven is watching. (Choose your perspective!)

Give God your WHOLE heart and keep nothing back.

Get ready to watch miracles unfold before your very eyes! This is kingdom warfare and you and the Lord will come out victorious! (Even from your living room!)

Dear Heavenly Father,

We are a willing people. Show us the assignments you have for us today. Help us to speak and move like equipped and fully able warriors for the things of heaven. Help us to show people your love, to win souls for the kingdom of heaven, and to fully experience the abundant life that you have made available to us.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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