Forward Movement even in Quarantine

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and move toward Jesus.

I find myself getting hung up on after those first lines each morning. Right after a fresh start, I feel momentarily stuck.

Pre quarantine I would write about rising up and moving forward. Rising up and going in the direction God is calling you. Rising up and getting traction under your feet, so that you could slay the day with Jesus.

Nowadays as we rise, it’s harder to write about rising and going after the day. Some days in this quarantine season, we may rise and think, “Where am I going? What am I doing that is moving anywhere? Is there really anywhere to go? Even though at first instinct it may feel hard to rise and move ahead with the Lord when you may not be physically going anywhere.

Yet, that’s EXACTLY what we are still called to do. We are still called to forward movement on our journey of faith.

Whether heading out to work today or staying home in quarantine, God HAS forward momentum planned for you.

When you rise each day unto the Lord, He will faithfully meet you. He will meet you exactly where you are this morning. And where the Lord is, all things are made new. Where the Lord is, freedom reigns. Where the Lord is, His plans prevail.

And the simplicity of it is just handing it over to God in prayer and submission. “Good Morning Lord, the day is Yours. You made it. You crafted it. You planned it. I submit to what You want. I hand over my plans, my dreams, my struggles, my needs, and my agenda. I give it all to You. Do what only You can do with this day.”

When we just lean into what God has for us, we will be amazed at where we will go with Him. Even from your living room, God can make you victorious and productive in His kingdom.

He can make old ways crumble, and new ways bud.

He can close old doors, and fling open new ones.

He can dress and carefully bandage old wounds and make new flesh appear. He can prune away dead branches, and graft in new ones.

He can take your weakest parts, and fortify them with new strength to withstand any storm.

Being home, doesn’t mean your kingdom work is stalled. It means it may look different. Every day that you have breath, God has plans for you. He has Heavenly assignments for you to carry out. People for you to touch. People for you to intercede for in prayer. People for you to encourage and speak words of life into.

And it begins with allowing God to first pour into you. Let Him fill you with overflow, so that everything and everyone else that you encounter throughout the day is also touched by Him.

So yes, today is a fresh start. A new day filled with forward movement even in quarantine. You are not “stuck”, you are moving forward with Jesus today.

Dear Heavenly Father,

New day. New mercies. New strength. New anointing. New assignments. New revelation. New wisdom. New. New. New. Let today feel brand new even when it looks so much like yesterday. Let us arise to a NEW day filled with fresh hope, fervent prayers, and forward movement.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

3 thoughts on “Forward Movement even in Quarantine

  1. Little sister thank you for joining our Blogger Chat today. After hearing your story in person in chat, I am even more proud of you little sister. 🙂 God Bless

  2. I love reading your posts. It’s always encouraging. Yes we keep on moving forward in Christ Jesus. We can always trust that He is with us always regardless of the season and changes we face.

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