Are you missing God?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to turn your ear towards the Lord and listen for His Word.

If it’s been awhile since you have heard from Him, tell Him.

If it’s been awhile since you have felt His Presence, tell Him.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen His Hands move, tell Him.

What I can tell you based on His Word is this, He has been there with you the whole time whether you heard Him, felt Him, or saw Him move.

He is with us at all times, in all seasons, through all things.

Sometimes we don’t hear, or feel, or see Him because we have paused in our seeking. He promises that when you ask, you will receive. When you seek, you will find. When you knock the door will be opened..

Be honest and real with yourself, is God quiet because you’ve stopped asking?

Is He hard to feel because you’ve stopped seeking His Presence.

Is He hard to see because you stopped knocking?

I share these questions with you because every time I have felt so far and distant from God, I could trace it back to a lack in my earnest seeking of Him.

And the moment I called out to Him that I was sorry for losing sight of Him, He was and is always faithful to return right back to me.

Of course He never really left, but you can’t feel close to someone you don’t spend time with and the invitation is always open on God’s end!

So today, look for Your Lord that is so easily found.

Talk to Your God that so faithfully listens.

Knock on the door that He promised He would open.

Don’t stop because you haven’t seen breakthrough. Don’t pause in your seeking because you have not experienced victory yet. Can you imagine walking away from a battle right before the final blow that turned the whole thing around?

If you have been fervently asking, seeking, and knocking don’t you dare give up. Don’t listen to a single fiery arrow of the enemy that makes you question if this is all really worth it.

When those thoughts come, pray harder, you must be making a difference. You may be getting close or the enemy wouldn’t be fighting back with the thoughts of doubt in your ear.

You are a warrior for the kingdom of God. You serve an active, intentional, God who is always working. He is always moving. He is always thinking of you and is mindful of your coming and going. When you pray, rest assured He hears. And heaven moves.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Re-ignite our prayers and our passion! Give us new oil to keep the flames burning for the gospel. Help us to seek You deeper so that we can share You farther and wider with others. In Jesus’s name, Amen..

4 thoughts on “Are you missing God?

  1. Amen. These are important questions we need to ask ourselves. He only seems far away and out of reach only when we ourselves take a long walk away from Him and become to busy for Him. His person is always seeking to be near us!.

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