An “I am” a day keeps the lies away!

Good Afternoon Gorgeous Child of the Living God who created everything in the heavens and the earth,

The same God who hung the stars and named every one of them, designed you. Your every feature, your every talent, your personality, your birthday and placement into history were all thought out and carefully crafted by the Hands that hold the whole Universe.

You are a treasure. The apple in your daddy’s eye. You are not bound by performance. You don’t have to strive for His affection. Your very existence makes Him dance and shout. He planned you. He crafted you. He set you on planet earth for such a time as this!

I won’t stop speaking the truth of how much God loves His people as long as there is a breath left in me.

I pray that even my final breaths on this planet are filled with the truth of God’s great love for His people.

I am excited to start sharing an “I am” statement each day because the more we walk in the truth of what God says, the less the lies of this world can make entrance into us.

The more we speak truth, the more keenly aware we will become of anything that is counter to the truth.

Speak truth my Gorgeous Friends and watch lies FLEE!!!!

I am for today: I am SO Loved!!!!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Guide us into ALL truth. Let us walk in truth. Be seeped and soaked in truth. Be filled and grounded in truth. Make the lies slip and fall right off. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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