You are chosen for this moment!

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day! A fresh start. A beautiful day to rise and walk ahead in victory.

Feeling defeated and as if victory is out of reach?

Feeling as if the world as you know it/ knew it is crumbling?

Feeling frustrated and full of grief over the events around the world?

Praying for a move of God?

We have the answer to every pain in the earth living on the inside of us.

We are the temple of the living God. The sacrifice of Jesus tore the veil and made us righteous because of Jesus’s righteousness, and now God has taken up residence on the INSIDE of us!

That alone, just that truth is worth time in mediation. God lives inside of you! When you placed your trust in Jesus and became a follower of Him, He took up residence in your heart as His dwelling place.

Everywhere your feet tread, you carry Jesus.

Everytime you open your mouth, Jesus can flow forth.

Every conversation, every interaction, every movement in the earth by a devoted follower of Jesus Christ brings opportunity for the light of Jesus to invade the dark.

We had a Pastor speak at our church yesterday that carried an anointed word of God and I left church so fired up with boldness for the kingdom.

Friends, don’t fear the evil of the day, head straight into it with heaven’s answers!

The solutions, the cures, the healing balm are all inside of Holy Spirit filled believers of Jesus waiting for a believer bold enough to release it.

Jesus said His disciples would do even greater things than He did because He was going to send them the gift of the Holy Spirit. And they were commissioned to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth.

That commission is yours and mine as well. Every follower of Jesus becomes a commissioned carrier of a message of hope, healing, and divine solutions for every thing in the earth that is counter to the kingdom of God.

Jesus prayed and taught us to pray, “Let it be on the earth as it is in heaven.” He was teaching the disciples that they had POWER to usher heaven’s ways into the earth. Power to shift the atmosphere of the time. Power to heal the sick. Power to bring people back to a place of devotion to God.

And you do too! Spend some genuine time in prayer, soaking in Him. Sit with Him and tell Him every worry, tell Him what a Goood God He is, and ask Him to reveal to you what He desires to show you. He will show you something. He will speak to you, impress something into your spirit, fill you with something you needed. And then as you get back on your feet, be ready to take what you were given in your prayer closet out to someone else.

Be ready to give a word of encouragement, a prayer, a message of hope, or something else that God puts on your heart.

We were made to make a difference for the kingdom of God. We were placed right here in this moment in history because we are strong enough to bear it. We were never designed to sit idly and wait for others to hear from God. He has a message for you and a Holy assignment for you. You are the answer to the hell you see on earth. You have Jesus and Jesus has a Heavenly order for every earthly chaos.

I pray that each of us would receive a new jolt of divine boldness for the ways of God, the things of God, and the desires of God. That we would walk in faith that Jesus is alive and well. He is leading His church to victory. He will prevail. And we are the warriors who are to battle with Heavenly weapons that are able to pull down strongholds and fight demonic activity.

Don’t fear the times, be strengthened to move ahead and carry the precious bright light that lives inside of you. The Lord has chosen YOU for such a time as this.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Remind us afresh that we are here for divine destiny and purpose. That with you there is nothing to fear. Make us bold and strong for the assignments on our life. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

4 thoughts on “You are chosen for this moment!

    1. Yes! I am so glad it was meant just for you! That is how God works. I love that! 🙂 Thinking of you often. My grandfather whom I was VERY close to also battled Parkinson’s. He fought hard for more than 30 years. My sweet grandmother was his caregiver as well. She stood by his side and dedicated herself to his care. And now when she speaks of him, she remembers him well and active. Her memories are not of the years he was ill, but of the years he was well. I find that fascinating. So I feel close to you my friend. And you are in my prayers. The Lord is continually filling you with what you need each day.

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