Does your life reflect what you believe?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to walk and talk and live out what we say we believe.

Let’s intentionally let our lives reflect our doctrine.

If we claim to serve an all powerful, all knowing, everywhere God, then we can rest in that truth.

If we are believers in Jesus Christ, our every move is an opportunity to reflect Jesus in the earth.

This is a time of great uncertainty for many, but for those in Christ, we are secure.

We have solid footing even when the whole world gives way.

We are children of promise, held and sustained by the living God who hung every star.

We serve a God who has GREAT plans for us.

We serve a God not bound by time.

We serve a God who can do anything and everything with merely a spoken word. (He may not even need that, but we see in scripture He created the whole earth and everything in it except for man by speaking. )

For us, special care was given. I believe He had the power to just speak us right into existence as well.

But He lovingly and carefully crafted man with His hands. He used dust of the earth to fashion and form Adam. I wholeheartedly believe He smiled while He worked, and then for the final touch…..He breathed life right into Adam.

He gave us His own breath. We are formed and fashioned in His very image. We are His masterpiece.

Today, you can move and walk and talk with a new courage and a new boldness by simply remembering who made you, who is holding you, who has numbered your days, and who will carry you into all of eternity when you take your final breath on earth.

We are HIS and that is a truth that you can breathe in deeply and exhale every worry, every struggle, every painful weight, every difficult decision staring us in the eye, and every fear.

It can all be released when you make every decision based on the truth that the God who breathed life into the dust of the earth and made a man also created you.

He also promises the whole world! He promises to sustain you, to provide for you, to hear you, to deliver you, to protect you AND THEN because of Jesus…..

He promises to empower you to walk filled with Holy Spirit just like Him.

He has given you everything you need to live a radical life in which you speak, act, and move totally differently than those who haven’t placed their trust in Jesus.

Your walk in the earth should be so marked by peace and joy and love that there is no question that you serve Christ.

Your whole future is secure even past your death! Even when you die, you will be raised to life with Christ.

So let’s boldly remind our souls the truth of the powerful God we serve, and let’s move today like we believe every Word with our whole heart.

Let’s be a people who live fully like we are taking God at His Word!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for every promise in Your Word. Thank You for the way you care fully and completely for us. Thank You for setting us on solid ground even when the whole world is shifting sand. Make us brave enough to walk, talk, decision make, and even rest like we fully believe every word you say.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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