Beyond Sunday Mornings

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and shine with heaven on your mind.

A new day to meditate on the things above.

A new day to shift your perspective upward.

A new day to rise and walk victoriously over every single thing warring against you.

A new day to live and walk as vessels of the Living God who uses us to accomplish His will in the earth.

I heard Pastor John from Faith Generation explain that Sunday is not the day for serving God. The Sabbath was designed as a day of rest. We are to serve Him all week Monday through Saturday, and then we come to church on Sunday for rest and refilling from God so we can get out there when we leave church and get right back to work! The real work of a follower of Jesus happens outside of our houses of worship.

Of course, we still serve God every day even on Sunday. But He is not interested in our religious activity or routines. Jesus made that very clear in His teachings. God is after the heart, not the religious tradition.

And the closer you are to the Lord, the more you will hear His voice giving you Holy assignments all week long.

He will put specific people on your heart to pray for.

He will call you to pray with people.

He will call you to give messages of hope and encouragement.

He will require you to love when you don’t want to.

He will require you to forgive before you feel like forgiving.

He will faithfully walk with you and help you to do things with Him that you could never do alone.

Following Jesus isn’t easy. Just ask the early disciples. And even though we may not be at risk of death or excommunication from for preaching Jesus, we may lose our image, lose our composure, lose our dignity sometimes, lose our pride, and we hopefully will lose our whole fleshly selves in pursuit of Jesus and His ways.

The beautiful thing is the equipping grace and power that comes from Holy Spirit so that as you go forth on assignment with knees shaking, you are bearing peace, love, joy, gentleness, faithfulness, self control, and kindness.

The faith walk is not easy, but it IS joy filled. Despite all in the world that battles against believers in Christ, we have supernatural access to peace and joy through any trial.

Paul was our example of that. He was persecuted often. Beaten terribly on several occasions, imprisoned for His faith in Jesus, and yet he counted it all as joy to serve the Lord.

This is our hour my friends. Introduce everyone you know to Jesus. This is life or death. Abundant life or spiritual poverty. It is our calling, our assignment, and our holy responsibility to have Jesus on our lips all throughout the day, every day.

Let’s walk into our churches tiiiirrred on Sunday morning. Drained from sharing Jesus all week, encouraging others, praying with people, praying for people, loving on people that don’t even like us, battling in the spiritual realm for breakthrough, setting captives free, and serving others.

Then, we can go into our houses of worship and let God:

mend us,

breathe new life into us,

provide rest for our soul,

speak His word into us,

encourage us through the fellowship of other believers,

and fill us back up

so we are prepared to walk out of church on holy assignment for the week ahead.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Draw us close to You Lord. Help us to grow into strong soldiers ready to march ahead at the sound of Your voice. Help us Lord to speak Jesus all week long. Give us the perfect words for a hurting friend. Put boldness in our spirit to pray with those who need it. Lord, let us move beyond serving You on Sundays to rising every single day with an awareness of our holy assignments. Let us rise expectant to hear You throughout the day. Make us attuned to Your commands and opportunities to spread Your love.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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