Obedience is Essential

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and let Jesus be the loudest voice in your ear.

I heard a powerful sermon at church yesterday. A timely, needed, valuable message filled with treasure.

I blog alot about each of us having a divine destiny, being preplanned and formed by God for this hour. You are here because God chose you and planned your arrival. He knew the very sphere of people that you would influence. He knew every talent that would be required for your success, and He gave unique traits to you for carrying out the mission that He has placed on your life.

In order to fulfill the calling on your life, you must walk in obedience.

It’s by hearing AND obeying God’s voice that we partner with Him and fulfill the call on our lives.

And, the scripture verses the pastor used were related to early career in Saul’s reign. He was chosen by God, on purpose and anointed as king. He was given a very stern and serious first mission as king. The Lord clearly told him what He wanted from Him. And Saul only half heartedly obeyed and then when he was called out, he blamed others. Classic strategy by those who fell in the bible- to pass the blame.

And because of his disobedience or you could call it half hearted obedience, he was eventually stripped of his full purpose as king. The assignment was given to David instead. You can read more at 1 Samuel 15

The Pastor’s message yesterday was bold and clear. To stay on the path that The Lord has willed for you, you must learn to hear and obey His voice. As we walk in step with the Lord, destiny unfolds.

But when we go astray, we get knocked off course and we lose God’s best for our life. We can return to the Lord because He is merciful, but blessings and certain things that God had reserved for us are lost when we disobey Him. We lose His highest and best for us. There is always grace for our return and the Lord mercifully provides a covering for us when we repent and return just as He covered Adam and Eve.

But to hear and obey Him the first time is where the fullness of our destiny is found.

Of course we fall short, and because of Jesus and His sacrifice, we are able to return to the Father cleansed. Jesus’s sacrifice ALSO set us free from the clutches of sin AND gave the gift of Holy Spirit so that we could hear the voice of God.

So we get to walk and talk with God. And as we walk and talk with Him, we grow closer and closer to Him and we mature in Him.

As a child mature, they learn that there is great wisdom in obeying their parents. A mature child who trusts their parents will obey their instructions because they trust that they have the best intentions for them.

And God has only the best intentions for your life. He is not withholding anything from you in order to harm you. Instead He protects us and saves us for things to come. He wants you to experience ALL that He has for you in every season of your life.

And to experience it all and to the fullest God has planned, there is sacrifice of our own will and an exchange for His.

There is a laying down of our ways and a picking up of His.

There is a choice to listen for His instructions and His voice over any other.

And as we make the hard decisions based on what God says NOT what the world or own desires say, we will be able to experience what God has planned for us in each season.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You that You still speak to Your people. Thank You that Your voice is still whispering in our ear and speaking to our spirit. Allow us to be open to You and our ears primed to hear Your voice. And then give us an undivided heart that follows the sound of Your voice. Give us obedient hands and feet and a tongue that speaks what You say to speak. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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  1. Thank you! So often I want to show my appreciation for your posts but you don’t have a β€œlike” option.

  2. Amen Vanessa! One of the things I have learned about obedience to God is that it brings joy: both to me and to Him! What a great motivation to obey.
    Have a blessed day,
    Pastor Chuck

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