Jesus has what you need today.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and move like children of the Risen King.

A new day to get up and into His Presence.

A new day to cry out and tell Him your deepest desires.

A new day to allow yourself space and room to grieve the losses.

A new day to be held by the Lord and comforted.

A new day to be healed by His Hands.

A new day to allow Him to heal old hurts and to also touch new hurts.

A new day to be anointed for the calling He has placed on your life.

A new day to say, “yes,” to the unknown where He has been calling forward.

A new day to rise and just say, “Here I am Lord. I’m all Yours. Here I am.”

The Lord has great and mighty things for you in the secret place. The place where you meet with Him. The place where you can be raw, honest, open, real, authentic, and completely you.

The place where you can get on your knees and just cry out to a good, good Father that hears every word you speak and see every tear.

You are not hidden from God. He sees you. He knows your heart cries. He knows your innermost feelings and every emotion is seen by Him. He knows it’s not easy. He knows you’re trying so hard. Lean on Him today.

Somedays, we can hear Him loudest when we turn off other voices. They may be good voices like radio pastors, friends who love you, and music.

These are all goooood things, but none are a replacement for time with just you and Jesus sharing a heart to heart.

Jesus has secret things just for you. Things that will settle and calm your racing mind. Things that will make sense and connect the dots. Things that will fill you with a sense of calm. And things that will uproot the pain and implant joy.

These things can only be given by the Lord. They are supernatural and stored up until your prayers unlock and release them.

Rise this morning and get before Jesus ready to give to Him your whole heart and everything on it. Give Him every fear, worry, struggle, temptation, frustration, loss, and worry. And be ready to recieve back instructions or peace or healing or strength or joy or whatever else He pours into you.

As you pray, Jesus meets with you and cares for your needs in a supernatural way. He gives a peace available only from Him. It’s so extravagant and wild that it’s a peace that cannot even be understood or explained. A peace that is available right in the midst of the raging storm. A peace right in the middle of searing pain you don’t think will end. A peace that is released from the throneroom of heaven by the King.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Remind us to look to You. Remind us to flee to You. Remind us that You have everything we need. You are caring for us, providing for us, meeting with us. When we call on You, You draw near to us. Let us flee to You first today.

In Jesus’s name, Amen..

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