A letter to my daughter on the anniversary of her adoption.

Today, marks 3 years since the judge signed and sealed my youngest daughter legally and permanently into my care as her mother.

I looked through the pictures from that day and all the feelings came rushing back. I saw the Hands of God move in that season. The adoption process is the most challenging journey I’ve ever taken in my life. What makes it so challenging is that there are so many parts of the process that lie completely out of your hands.

It’s a journey of faith. Almost every turn is sharp and twisty. There are no guarantees until the moment the judge seals the deal. And so for each of my children’s adoptions, I just lived in the lap of Jesus.

I couldn’t leave the place of trust in Jesus or I would be gripped with fear and a thousand what ifs. I have written several posts on the miracle of Cornelia’s adoption because it was just that, a miracle.

And now, three years later, my baby is a little girl. She is no longer a baby, and I have been able to witness her little Spirit grow. She is bold, passionate, articulate, and she loves to pray!

Recently, we were at a birthday party and I was praying for a dear friend who was experiencing pain, and little Nia put her hands on my friend and prayed her heart out for her.

It was a touching moment, and a glimpse into little Nia’s purpose. She is anointed for the work of kingdom, and I know that God is up to something big.

In celebration of her adoption day, I am sharing an open letter to her. (And a zillion pictures!)

Dear Cornelia Grace,

When I look into your eyes I see the goodness of the Lord looking back at me.

As I hold you close, I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord is good.

When you squeal and run into my arms, a glimpse of heaven breaks forth.

When you tell a story, your whole body acts it out and I see the passion that will one day ignite whatever the Lord calls you to do.

When you pray, your faith pours out and reaches the heavens.

When you were placed into my arms, everything, everything changed. I was immediately different after our first precious meeting. You had my heart, my whole heart. No matter the outcome, I wasn’t willing to hold a single ounce of myself back. You were getting all of me even if it meant I was hurt in the process. I never withheld any part of my heart. I never gave a what if, just in case love. I just loved. I loved you with my whole self, my whole being, and nothing less.

And the beautiful part is, I got to witness our whole village fall in love with you too.

Baby girl, I dreamed of you since I was a child.

Baby girl, I knew God had a plan for me and for you.

Baby girl, I didn’t know when you would come, but I knew you were coming.

Baby girl, you are mine and I am yours.

Baby girl, God chose us to be mommy and daughter at the foundation of the earth.

He has a plan for every hurt, a redemption story for every fall.

He has good and beautiful plans ahead for you. He has chosen you for this time in history. Your birth was intentional, purposeful, preplanned, and preordained in the heavenlies by the Creator of all things. He chose you. He has great plans for your life. He has put special gifts and talents on the inside of you that will be used by you for the work of the kingdom.

You are a prayer warrior already! What lies ahead for you is mighty and good!

Baby girl, you are too young to know it yet, but it’s a difficult season in history. There is struggle in America right now. There are divisions. There are men and women who are hurting for a variety of reasons. There are children being hurt.

Yet, amidst all the chaos of your time, you have been born for this century because inside of you lives a strength that is needed in the world today.

Inside of you lives a voice for hurting people.

Inside of you lives purpose and destiny planted there by the Creator and Sustainer of all things.

As you grow, the Lord will water and fertilize these gifts. He is shaping you and molding you.

And I am beyond honored to be your momma.

Baby girl, we were meant for eachother for such a time as this!

Let’s go move some mountains in the name of Jesus!



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  1. Absolutely beautiful words!! Moved me to tears.❀️what a precious memory and such an honor for you and your girl to celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness.😊

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