Week 6: Scripture Memorization

Good Evening Gorgeous Friends,

I am working hard to keep up with memorizing scripture.

This is week 6, and the final set of verses under the heading:Living the New Life

Here’s the full list of the memory verses that we will study.

They are grouped in sets of 6. With this being the final week in the first set, we will take a 2 week break and not add any new ones. This will give us time to study these first 12 verses, and to feel rested and ready to tackle the next six weeks!

If you fell behind, no worries, you can jump in here!

This week I am posting the new verses only, but next Sunday, I will post them all in one blog post so you can have them in one place to study!

Blessings and HOLY Spirit equipping as you commit to memorizing the Word of the Lord.

Here are the two verses. Each one is followed by the memorization tool to help you check your progress with a little help. In education, we call it scaffolding. 🙂

Enjoy my beautiful friends!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your Precious Word! Help us to find pockets of time to study and memorize Your Holy Words. Embed Your Words in our memory and our hearts, weave it into our Spirit and make it part of who we are.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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