Countdown to Christmas: 17 Days…..What do you give to the Lord who has everything?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start!

We are right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Christmas. The gentle beginnings of the month have now turned into the full on swing of the season.

The days are counting down. The packages are arriving. The desire to get our loved ones the perfect gift that will make their eyes light up is strong within us.

But, what do we give to the very One whom we celebrate this Christmas?

What can we give to the Creator of the whole entire world who literally has everything?

In His all powerful, all knowing, all present Lordship, He can have and do whatever He wants.

So how do you give a gift to Him? How do you present the perfect gift to the One who holds the whole world in His hands?

The Lord can do anything. Yet, He chose to withhold His power from something.

It’s not that He can’t, but it’s that He won’t.

He won’t force His creation to love Him.

He won’t force His creation to accept Him.

He won’t force you to receive Him.

He won’t force you to confess Him as Christ the Lord both King and Savior.

But oh my does He desire you.

He wants to come and wrap you up in His arms.

He wants to breathe brand new life into you.

He wants to show you how to live an abundant life where He leads and you get all the spiritual blessings that He planned for you long ago.

He wants to walk with you, talk with you, strengthen you, and teach you things that were previously hidden.

He wants your whole heart and He wants it more than anything else you could give Him.

He wants your heart more than outside obedience.

He wants your heart more than your traditions.

He wants your heart more than your church attendance.

He wants your heart, your whole heart.

Yet, even though He could make you love Him, He will not.

He wants the real deal. He wants you to open the door that He’s been knocking on.

He wants you to choose Him and invite Him fully into your heart.

That is the ultimate gift that you can give to the Lord who has everything!

And so how?

Simply, begin to talk to Him. Tell Him that you recognize that you’ve been trying to live your life in charge and apart from Him. Tell Him that you are aware that you are a sinner who falls short. Ask for His forgiveness and invite Him to come into your heart to stay. Tell Him that from now on, your heart belongs to Him and you desire to live for Him and in relationship with Him.

That’s it! Pray it from a place of honestly desiring to know and receive Jesus and you just gave God the best gift ever! Your heart.

And here’s the amazing part! After you give Him the gift of you and your heart……

He comes and gives you so much more than you could ever give Him!

He gives you the free gift of eternal life with Him. He gives you access to Him through prayer with Jesus as your mediator. He elevates you to the status of son or daughter!

And day by day as you talk to Him and lean on Him, you find yourself in the most wondrous of relationships!

The relationship of being reunited with the very One who formed and fashioned you.

Relationship with the One who has the best laid plans for you.

Relationship with the One who chose you since the beginning of time and has just been waiting for you to choose Him back!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Draw us to You this Christmas. Make our hearts burn with the desire to be closer to You than ever before! Lord, let people be touched and moved in fresh new ways. Open our hearts and ears and eyes to see and taste that You are good! Let the gospel be preached loud and clear and in love in all ends of the earth to every nation and in every language. We pray for a great revival in our homes, our churches, our neighborhoods, our workplaces, and even in our social media circles! People everywhere saved and set free this Christmas.

In Jesus’s name, Amen..

Blessings this Christmas and all year through as you continually give the Lord the gift of your whole heart,

Vanessa Lynn

4 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas: 17 Days…..What do you give to the Lord who has everything?

  1. Something that the Lord has shown me is that spiritually, Christians are the descendants of Abraham. By that Abrahamic faith, I call it it that “Behold here I am” Faith.

    1. Yes! We were grafted into the faith and are now heirs to the inheritance with all the same rights as descendants of Abraham and we recieve it by faith! Thank you for sharing! “Behold, here I am faith” love it!

  2. Tonight I shared that with my kids at youth group – my favourite verse of the carol… “What shall I give Him, poor as I am? If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb; if I were a wise man, I would do my part. Yet, what can I give Him, give Him my heart!”

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