Christmas Countdown: 11 Days, When God is Silent

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A brand new day to rise and be filled afresh with all you need from the Holy Spirit.

If you lack time, tell the only One who can carve out pockets of time.

If you lack provision, tell the only One who is the Ultimate Providor of all we need..

If you lack peace, cry out to the only One who can give true and real peace.

If you lack strength and energy to continue on another day, tell the only One who can fill you up with a supernatural divine dose of strength that will carry you forward.

If you lack joy, tell the only One who can pour true joy into your spirit.

We serve a good, good Father God who gives goood gifts to His children.

And He is listening when you pray. He is coming close to you and leaning in and listening.

Sometimes, it feels like our prayers aren’t heard and that they remain unanswered because God doesn’t care.

We can begin to feel all kinds of hurts when God is silent.

The enemy will capitalize on this and tell you God isn’t listening to you, that He won’t ever answer, and that He doesn’t hear or care about your prayers.

These lies can make our faith waver, but take heart and stand strong. Keep your eyes locked with Jesus.

In the season of waiting, stay faithful to the Lord.

Keep your eyes on Him and magnify Him and not the unanswered prayer.

When you feel hard pressed and the struggle seems more than you can bear, cry out to the Lord and keep crying out.

Don’t mistake His silence as a sign that He’s not moving.

In the silence, His Hands are still forming. His Hands are still at work. He is aligning things, shifting things, preparing your heart and preparing the hearts of others.

In the centuries leading up to Christ’s divine birth, the Lord appeared silent.

Oh but He was working. He was working through the generational line in which Jesus was born. He was preparing for Mary to enter the world at the appointed hour, and to reach the appointed age for the incarnation.

The Lord was setting each detail into perfect motion, so that His good plans for the redemption of all mankind would unfold seamlessly.

He is doing the same in your life. He is working out behind the scenes details. He is working every detail out, so that the breakthrough is full and complete and at the right hour.

Just as the earth was waiting expectantly for the coming of the Messiah to save and redeem humanity, we can wait expectantly for Him to show up in our lives too.

As we wait on the desires of our hearts to be fulfilled, we can seek after Jesus with passion and zeal. We can pray and praise and lift His name up on high, and we will find Him as we wait on His move. And in the finding of Jesus, we receive everything we need!

Just as the world was waiting on a Savior and King, and the Lord Himself came as both Savior and King! He offered up Himself and fulfilled every promise!

May we also encounter God Himself as we wait on Him in the silent periods.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the scriptures that teach us so much about your heart for your people. You are a good, good Papa! Lord, keep our eyes feasted on You even while we wait on our eyes to see movement in our earthly struggles. Help us to stay faithful during periods of silence. Keep us strong and courageous followers of You even when it doesn’t make sense. Lord, make us a faith filled people who learn to seek You in deeper measure while we wait in expectation for breakthroughs of light in the dark.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings and divine encounters with Jesus as you wait on Him!

Vanessa Lynn

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