Countdown to Christmas: 3 days! The power of the Word Suddenly

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and look to Jesus for everything you need.

Need Peace? He’s the Prince of Peace.

Need Saving? That’s what He came for!

Need Provision? His Word promises that He knows your need and will feed you and clothe you.

Need healing? He is the mighty Physician.

Need comfort? He has a blanket of comfort ready for you.

Need a Father? Turn to Him and receive His adoption.

Need a listening ear? When you pray, He bends down to listen.

Need anything? The Lord delights in giving good gifts to His children.

He may not answer exactly how you ask, but He will move in a way that provides exactly what you need.

I have been standing in prayer with several friends who have been waiting and waiting on breakthrough. The season of waiting can be hard.

It sometimes feels like God isn’t ever going to move or maybe you feel like He stopped listening, but rest assured He IS listening and He IS working.

Have you ever bought a car and then you start to see the same car all over town? And previously, you feel like you barely saw that make and model?

The same thing has happened to me in bible reading with the word, “suddenly”.

I am noticing it is all throughout scripture from Genesis to the New Testament.

Suddenly is used to reference sudden breakthrough of Heavenly activity.

Sometimes it’s a message, sometimes it’s a healing, sometimes holy power, sometimes chains break, and sometimes it’s judgement.

And the Lord will return in the same way! On a suddenly moment! I think that will be it’s own blog post soon.

But my encouragement for today is that God sometimes works through Suddenly moments.

Moments of swift, seemingly out of nowhere breakthrough after a period of seemingly inactivity.

A few things to remember…

  • Even when we don’t see movement, God is still moving and working.
  • Your breakthrough is coming, keep praying, keep lifting High the Name of Jesus even in the dark.
  • God will fulfill every promise spoken to His people.
  • The Lord knows what is best for you. He desires the highest and best for your life and He knows the full picture. His blessings and provision sometimes look different than what we had planned.
  • As you submit your way and will to His, a glorious unfolding of His divine plans will begin to manifest.
  • Mary had to submit and agree to God’s plans before she was used as the vessel by which the Lord would come to the earth.
  • Our partnership with His plans for our life is necessary for the fullness of our God given destiny to unfold.

Gorgeous Friends in Christ, your suddenly moments are ahead! Keep your eyes steadfast on Jesus. He will amaze you with what He has in store!

Here are a few suddenlies from scripture:

Suddenly, a Baby was born!

Suddenly, the long awaited gift of the Holy Spirit was poured out!

Suddenly, a man persecuting Christians met Jesus!

Suddenly, chains fell!

Suddenly, the Lord did it again and the chains were broken once again.

Suddenly, He will return!

Suddenly, the Lord can move in your life and your situation too!

Keep pressing on in prayer for your suddenly moment!

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come to You in awe of how You work. You are so powerful and so amazingly good to us. We trust You and we trust Your timing. Lord, we ask afresh today for You to break through our messes and break us free. We receive the encouragement today that even if it’s been a season of quiet, we know You are working all things for our good!

4 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas: 3 days! The power of the Word Suddenly

  1. What a great lesson!! I see how important and powerful the word ‘suddenly’ is through your post!! Very beautiful and now I’m excited to jump into my Bible reading and see if I might come across it myself!!😉

  2. yes, I love the “suddenlies” and yet to God it was no surprise and not sudden, but all part of His long awaited, perfect plan. xx Happy New Year, Vanessa and family. xx

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