Jesus said, “Shake it Off”

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise up and move ahead knowing you have the blessing of heaven backing you up.

Where you go, Jesus is with you.

There is nowhere your feet will tread today that the Lord won’t be with you.

You can rest assured that He goes before you, behind you, and is with you always to the end of the age.

As you go about today, keep your Holy assignment ever on your lips ready to spring out.

Jesus gave a direct commission to us. He has invited us to partner and be on “co” or “with Him” in mission..

You and Jesus are on mission together together today. He chose you be His partner in carrying forth the gospel. You are the carrier of the good news of Jesus Christ!!

What a precious blessing and always weighty responsibility to carry.

The heart of this Christian life is to bring along others with us. To burn with the undeserved gift of grace and also have desire to spread it like wildfire.

You have been called and commissioned by Jesus Himself!

And it’s not always easy. There will be rejection. Jesus faced rejection, persecution, mockery, scoffers, and those who opposed His message with passionate inner conviction that they knew the truth.

He continued on ahead and forward.

They questioned Him and tried to trick Him..

He continued on ahead and forward.

They plotted evil against Him.

He continued on ahead and forward.

They were intimidated by His authority and sought to bring Him low.

He continued on ahead and forward.

Even during His crucifixion, He continued on and forward forgiving them and crying out on their behalf.

Jesus had His eyes ever fixed on the Father and on His mission.

And He modeled for us the same lifestyle. To continue on and forward even in the face of rejection, struggle, mocking by others, and general everyday struggles.

There will be people who won’t receive the beautiful gospel message you have bubbling up out of your anointed spirit.

Jesus has advice for you. Shake it off and move on.

When people reject the message of Jesus Christ, shake it off and move on.

It’s painful to face rejection, yet we have the best teacher and guide ever. The Lord of the Universe. And His advice was classic. Shake it off and move on.

This advice from Jesus is given in Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

He knew we would face rejection as we carried forward an unpopular message of living our whole life for Christ.

He knew we would face hardship and people who would oppose the Spirit living on the inside of us.

He knew we would be spreading a powerful message that could free people, break chains, heal the sick, and bring restoration to brokenness.

And He knew that this type of movement in the earth is in direct opposition to the work of the enemy.

And the first disciples would face opposition and persecution, the early church would face opposition and persecution, and those who would fervently serve the Lord in future generations would face opposition and sometimes persecution as well.

And to shake it off is a reminder to not let there be any lasting effects to you or your walk with Christ. You are to release the hurtful comments, let go of the snide remarks about your faith, and don’t let any painful rejection take root in your heart as bitterness or shame. Instead shake it off so you can keep going another day!

Friends, when you serve Jesus with all you got, you are powerful and hell quakes as you take ground for heaven.

As you tell people who they are to Jesus, you work against the plot and scheme of the enemy.

As you pray for people, you destroy strongholds and cancel enemy assignments.

As you share your testimonies of what God has done or is doing in your life, hope is awakened in the hearer.

You are powerful and able by God’s grace to do mighty and wonderful works.

You have too many people to impact to get hung up on those who reject the message. The gift of the Lord on the inside of you is for spreading and sharing. And when you share and get mocked, laughed at, or rejected, shake it off and keep going ahead and forward just like Jesus.

The temptation can be to shrink back, keep your faith to yourself, be a private follower of Jesus Christ.

Friends, this faith life is meant to be lived out loud. Loving others like crazy and telling them where your love comes from. Jesus!

So, keep sharing beautiful follower of Jesus. Love like Jesus out loud and with passion. Give when it’s not expected. Share when it doesn’t make sense. Love when it’s hard. Forgive freely. And spread the hope and love of Jesus Christ to everyone you meet.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for calling us and commissioning us to work alongside of You in the mission field. Show us places where we can spread Your Word and Your love. Speak into us and make us brave and bold to speak to others what You are speaking into us. Lord, keep us fervent for You and the ways of the Kingdom. Keep us aware of the urgency of sharing You with our families and the world. Lord, anoint our lips with Holy Spirit Wisdom for those we encounter today. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings and strength to spread the gospel today!

Vanessa Lynn

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  1. I used those scriptures myself this week, yet, because my focus was on what they were to preach, those words escaped my notice. In fact I’ve never seen them with the simple beauty that you presented them with here. I shall endeavour to do that – just shake it off. Lord give us Your grace and strength to shake it off and to let no resentment or hurt cling…

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