Need Some Rose Colored Glasses?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start!

A new day to rise and walk with the security of who you are in Christ Jesus.

There are what feels like a million messages from media, others, our internal self talk, and lies from the enemy bombarding us with all we lack and all we are not.

All the ways we don’t measure up,

And all the ways we never will.

All the ways we have blown it,

And all the ways we always will.

All the ways we can’t overcome,

And all the ways we never will.

All the ways things just stay the same,

And all the ways they always will.

Oh but, then there’s what Jesus says!

And if we can just get rooted and securely tied to THAT truth, then we can begin to see everything through a new lens.

When people see the world through rose colored glasses, they are known as optimists. People of positive thinking, glass have full, let’s make lemonade from those lemons type.

Rose colored glasses represent a way of looking at the bleak and finding treasure.

When we are rooted in Christ and soaking in His truths, we also see things with a new perspective.

We can see things that others just can’t fathom.

We see the high waters in front of us splitting into dry ground.

We see dry bones begin to take on flesh and live again.

We see multiplication when everyone else sees scarcity and lack.

We see hope amidst the darkness.

We see possible when everything screams impossible.

When you partner with the truths of God and you soak in the nature of God, you view life with fresh vision.

And the same is true of your identity. Speaking truth to your soul about who God is AND who you are IN HIM is an important part of our walk with Him.

David reminded His soul of the truths of God many times while in his darkest valleys hiding out in caves from his son who was trying to murder him. Can you imagine the pain? And yet, David was writing psalms to refresh and remind his soul about the truth of God.

Daily, if not hourly at times, we can be refreshed by speaking truth right into our own soul.

I have written a lot about “I am” statements and the power of speaking truth into your soul.

Today, I am sharing a few fresh I am statements backed with scripture… Speak these and let the love of your Father fill you to overflow.

Ask Him to help you add a few more to the list and to reveal to you the scriptures that support them.

Praying for a fresh perspective on who we are and also Whose we are!

Friends, you are loved. You are held. You are cherished and adored. You are made whole and worthy in Him. You are healed and set free by Him. You are loved in crazy doses by the Creator of your precious soul. Speak some truth to yourself today!

Dear Sweet Heavenly Father,

You are a goooooood Papa who dotes on your children. You fill us and speak to us. You walk with us and talk with us and delight in us. You are ever present and always with us. Lord, help us to have an accurate perspective of who we are in Christ. Remove any hindrances or wrong thinking that stands in the way of growing up fully and into all You have designed us to be and to do. Let us embrace the calling on our lives to the fullest. Let our belief systems align to Christ and everything we do be from a solid foundation of truth.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

12 thoughts on “Need Some Rose Colored Glasses?

  1. Those are really pretty ‘I am’ graphics…thankful for our identity in Him and that we can be positive because He defines us!
    Great message!

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