My baby girl’s first trip to the hair salon!!

Wednesday was a milestone day for Miss Nia!

She got her hair braided for the first time at the salon.

What a beautiful experience it was!!

She was so loved on, so cared for, and she enjoyed every moment of it.

Here she is before….. can you tell she is excited to go into the salon?

And then during…. she sat so still! I couldn’t believe how still she was the whole hour. At home when I braid it, I gotta employ allllll kinds of magic tricks to keep her still. πŸ™‚

But this was special…

Her stylist was the kindest, sweetest soul who made me feel at ease and reviewed our current hair care regimen. She told me that Nia’s hair was healthy and that I was caring for it well. That meant alot and calmed my inner fears. I worry alot about honoring Nia by caring for her hair well and correctly. And to hear that it is healthy was huge for this momma!

Check out my princess!!

Gotta Spread God’s love everywhere we go….so Nia blessed Miss Nakisha with a box of Scripture Cards with I am statements…. here is Nia handing her the little gift.

And my baby girl gives the BEST hugs! She was hugging Miss Keisha and patting her back… She said that she could feel the love coming from Nia through her hug.

It was a huge success and we both left happy!

What do girls do to celebrate?

Ice cream!!!

Big, fluffy birthday cake icecream!!!

If you are local, our hair salon was Hair Artistry and Nia’s hair stylist was Miss Nakisha.

They are amazing, kind, and talented!

And the ice cream place was just around the corner on Cape Coral Parkway serving Love Boat Icecream & Wild about Popcorn.

Both businesses were small, locally owned shops and we fully enjoyed our time at each!

In the midst of the crazy busy, I am learning to slow down and cherish these little moments. πŸ™‚

Blessings and little moments to all of you!

Vanessa Lynn

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  1. What a princess! Glad you both had such a positive experience. WordPress not letting me “like” some people’s posts atm. xx

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