Skipping meals?

Good Morning Gorgeous,
Its a brand new day. A fresh new start.

A new day to rise and feast on the Word of God.

Have you ever been so busy that you missed a meal?

Ran out of the door without breakfast or worked right through lunch?

Sometimes we can skip a meal without consequence, but two meals in a row and you may begin to feel the effects.  Headache, nauseau, hunger, irritability, and cloudy thinking can be side effects of missed meals.

Reminders that the body needs nourishment.

Reminders that the body needs energy.

Reminders that you need to pause and refuel.

There is another type of meal skipping that will leave you parched, panting for a drink, and starving for sustenance.

Skipping daily time in the Word can seem harmless at first.

You oversleep, and consequently have to skip time in the Word.

The day is slammed busy and you even work through your lunch break.

At home, you plan to catch up in the evening, but you fall asleep before you get to it.

One day of this, and you may be left
feeling just minor effects in your spirit like skipping breakfast would be minor on the physical body.

The danger is when it happens day after day and you find yourself exhausted, weak in your spirit, attacked by the daily struggles of life, but not able to fight back.

Knocked down.

Spiritually starving for a meal from heaven.

Too weak to pick up the sword of the Word to battle the enemy.

You may even begin to hear lies in your hungry state.

When we are not daily feasting on the Word of God and being filled afresh by His Presence, the enemy can more easily lie to us.

It is hard for him to get us to believe his whispers when we are grounded, seeped, soaked, and surrounded by truth.

But as we get to empty and the truth of the Word isn’t fresh on our heart, we may partner with his comments and suggestions in our ear:

  • You will never see that prayer answered.
  • The thing you thought God promised, you heard Him wrong.
  • The situation you are facing is hopeless.
  • Nothing is ever going to change.
  • The mountain won’t budge.
  • Why bother?
  • You are weak and a disappointment to the Lord.
  • You’re not strong enough for this faith walk.

I could continue on and on. 

The enemy will attack your past mistakes,
he will magnify every current struggle until it looks bigger than your blessings,
and he will make you afraid of the future.


God cleanses the past, 
magnifies the truth of your blessings,
and reminds you afresh of your state of salvation and security in Him for all of your days to come.

Jesus battled the enemy and won with the Word! These were the Words that made satan flee from Him.

When we are hungry, we don’t think straight. We make decisions that are hasty and clouded.

When we are starving for a meal, we will eat anything.

Someone who has gone for long periods of time without food will feast on things they may never dream of partaking in when they are well fed.

The Same exact principle applies here to feasting on God’s Presence through prayer and mediating on His Word.

As you get your precious daily fill from Him, you won’t be as easily tempted to partake in other things to make you feel good or better. You will have already had the best meal you could have.

And you won’t easily be led astray into negative thinking about yourself or your current situation because you will be grounded in the truth of who you are, whose you are, and hope will be alive and growing on the inside of you.

And if you eat enough, you bear fruit to SHARE and others can eat from your overflow! You have encouragement to offer, a presence of joy about you, a Word to offer, and prayer for someone in their hour of need.

Friends, I’ve been struggling with my daily discipline of reading and writing and prayer. I am reading it some throughout the day, but not with the same discipline of rising early and feasting on it that I have been accustomed to.

And I can feel the difference in my spirit. I am spiritually hungry for Him.

I know how to go to Him and have a divine meal. Yet, each morning, I miss it!

And the beautiful part is there is no condemnation in Christ.

Just an open invitation to come and partake.

To come and taste that the Lord is good.

He also promises to be strong in our weakness.

So if you struggle to read the Bible, tell Him.

If you struggle to carve out the time, tell Him.

If you are in a solid Bible reading routine, thank Him.

For it is by His grace that we are able to do all things. 

Lastly, don’t be tricked into believing Sunday morning church service is enough. You can’t expect to eat once per week and be well fed. A strong spirit dines with Jesus everyday.

Come friends,
and BE FILLED!!!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Come and strengthen your people to be strong and mighty in the Word. Drive away distractions and give us a steadfast hunger and thirst for You and Your Precious Word. Holy Spirit come and work in us and empower us to feast every day on the Holy Scriptures. Strengthen us to have the discipline to strip off every weight or distraction that hinders us from soaking in Your Presence and reading Your Word. Lord, let us view Your Word as a treasure to behold. Let us so desire You and Your instructions that we go after the Word with zeal and excitement. Let us experience all of the flavors that You have in store for us!

In Jesus’s Precious Name,

Blessings and Time in the Word,
Vanessa Lynn

5 thoughts on “Skipping meals?

  1. Great post!
    I’m behind on the reading plan I’m doing in our group that you created through YouVersion BUT I am still reading — even if “one day” takes me “two days” to get through…I’ve truly enjoyed the time spent in this and it makes a big difference in my day! I thirst and hunger for Him in the times where I end up skipping a day. Thankfully I jump back on board quickly even if it’s little bits at a time…it might take 180 days instead of 90 but I’ll get there!!

    1. Yes! I love that! Keep going. Thats where I am too. But I trust that as I just keep going and saying yes to Him, growth is happening. My appetite for Him increases as I choose to dine on His Holy Word.

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