The Father’s Business

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and move with the anointing of the Lord empowering you to do things beyond your natural ability.

A new day to allow His grace to fill you and equip you to carry His message of light and pure love forward.

A new day to be reminded that you are the child of the most high King.

You are here with a royal purpose and a holy assignment.

Today is not just another day to survive through.

It’s a day entrusted to you to be about the Father’s business.

And what is His business?

Loving every single person you lay eyes on today.

Allow yourself to be poured out and into each person you encounter.

Love them like the Father has so graciously loved you.

Greet people with warmth and genuine sincerity.

Make phone calls and send emails with a loving tone.

Allow someone else to go first whenever possible.

Give to others generously and lavishly.

Let today be a brand new day to walk through the earth as royal people who are from another kingdom, the kingdom of heaven.

Bring the ways of your Heavenly Kingdom to the earth in which you temporarily reside.

Show people what your kingdom is like and how counter it is to the ways of the earth.

Let them experience your King and His ways through your conduct and speech.

Tell them of His mercy and His gentleness.

Boast of His power and might.

Demonstrate His love and model how easy He is to talk to.

Call on Him and allow Him space and room to exert His healing power before your very eyes.

Trust Him fully to do all He has promised to do.

Introduce Him to everyone you encounter and reveal to them the simplicity of the gospel.

Help people to gain citizenship and full access to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Today, you have the power to walk around bringing Heaven to Earth.

Peter calls you royalty charged with proclaiming the kingdom!

And then He gives examples of what that looks like:

We have a royal charge on our life. To live in the earth as citizens of heaven sharing and spreading the ways of our Father’s kingdom to all who have ears to hear.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Keep our eyes on You. Teach us to be about the Father’s Business. Teach us to lay aside our own agenda, our own plans, our own desires and needs, and instead seek You in greater measure than ever before. As we seek You, show us how to live for you fully and unashamed of the gospel message burning inside of us. Lord, let it spill forth everywhere we go today and in all we do.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings today as the gospel flows through you!

Vanessa Lynn

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