Live Good Friday Worship Event

Good Evening Gorgeous Friends,

Our church hosts a worship evening on the first Friday night of each month. It is a family event where all of the kids come in with the adults. It has been a struggle for our kids to attend these events, but we keep at it.

A few years ago, we would only get through one song before we had to leave because they were crying or attempting to run down the aisles.

We kept going.
Despite that it’s after bedtime.
Despite that they had to be taught again and again how to behave in church and how to worship our Lord in reverence.
We kept at it.

Then we could last 2 songs.
Then 3 songs.

Tonight we were able to make it one whole hour of worship!!!

The kids were gooood!

Perfect, no.
Goood, yes.

A kind man took Nia up front to worship and she loved it. She happily went and raised her hand in worship.

Here is a link to the event on Facebook.

Live Worship Event

I encourage you to play it and allow it to encourage and lift you up!

And just for fun, I thought I would share that four years ago on Good Friday, my husband and I got engaged. Feels like a lifetime ago.

Much love and many blessings to you this Good Friday. May you continually be in awe of the sacrifice our Lord made so that we could be redeemed and set free.

Vanessa Lynn

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