Lessons from Peter: His Restoration

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new opportunity to run into the arms of Jesus and tell Him how much you love Him.

There’s healing in telling Jesus that you love Him.

A perfect example of the healing power of confessing your love and devotion to Jesus is Peter. My last two blog posts were about Peter’s fall and then the way Jesus spoke to him in a language that he would intimately understand.

Peter was sooo close to Jesus, walking and living and ministering right beside him.

Praise be to the Lord that Peter’s failure didn’t get the final say in his life. And when you run to Jesus, failure doesn’t get the final say in your life either.

Jesus would lovingly restore Peter by affirming the call on his life. He would give Peter the opportunity to confess his love for Jesus the same number of times that he denied Him!

Jesus simply meets Peter at the shoreline, performs a miracle of an abundance of fish, and sits to have a meal with the disciples and Peter.

As you read the scriptures, there’s no blame, no shame, no guilting, no condemnation, no you shouldn’t have or you should have….. none of that!

Just a gentle reminder of who Peter is in Christ and a reaffirming of the call and destiny on Peter’s life.

Jesus gives Peter the opportunity to confess with his own mouth his devotion. It was his mouth that betrayed the Lord and it would be the same mouth that would confess his love for the Lord. And ALSO after that, Peter would continue to confess Christ even unto his death.

So imagine being Peter! You thought all hope was lost. You’ve been grieving for days. You have been scared that you’ve ruined everything. The last few nights have been sleep deprived as you replay every memory you have. There were so many miracles, so many teachings, so much wisdom that He taught you.

And there were moments where you would relive his teaching, and you would almost understand what He had been trying to tell you. In these moments, hope would burn in your belly.

And then, you heard he had risen. But when you raced to the tomb, He wasn’t there. There wasn’t much to do now that the Lord was gone, so you went back to the only thing you knew…. fish. You were out fishing all night and nothing.

And now before your very eyes is your Lord Jesus. He is here! And He just filled your net with fish AGAIN like He did the day He first called you three years ago. You were so excited to see him, you jumped into the water and swam to Him.

You were ready for the chastising.
You were ready for Him to say, “Didn’t I warn you?”
You were braced for the lecture and the, “How could you?”

But here He is and His eyes are filled with love and compassion. He is genuinely happy to see you. He welcomes you and instead of chastising, you share a meal..
When its over, He begins to chat. His first question is, “Do you love me?”

You answer Him, “Yes Lord, You know I love You.”

He looks deep into your eyes and asks again!
And then, He asks again.
The same question three times!

And at first you are a little hurt, but the more you speak it to Him, “Yes, Lord I love You, ” the better you feel. You feel lighter and lighter as you confess your love and devotion to Jesus.

And then Jesus speaks the SAME words to you that He did three years ago when He called you. “Follow me.”

At this point, does it hit you Peter?
Do you have revelation that the Lord Jesus set this whole meeting up just for you. He came here to reaffirm you. To let you confess your love to Him with the same tongue that denied Him. He gave you opportunity to confess with your mouth your love and devotion three times! The same number of times that you denied Him. He performed the same miracle of fish as He did the day He first called you. And at the close of the meeting, he spoke those two powerful words. “FOLLOW ME.”

Peter, the Lord has fully forgiven you and also reinstated the call on your life. You are about to go forth and preach my friend! There is a GREAT call on your life and it surpasses your failures.

Gorgeous Friends, this encounter with Christ shows us the heart of the Lord. It’s like we can see right into it. His heart is filled with understanding, mercy, compassion, and a pathway to get His people back on track.

If you’ve failed Him, read closely how He reinstated Peter. He called Him back, He spoke His language, He was praying and interceding for him, and He gave Him opportunity to confess His love. Jesus never used shame or guilt in his interaction with Peter. Instead, He reminded Him of the call on his life and gave him the opportunity to respond again. “Follow Me.”

He will deal with us similarly. Love, mercy, compassion, and a reminder of the call on our life.

No failure is too big for the cross. Jesus handled and eradicated everything that could keep us separated from Him. Now we can flee to His Presence and be forgiven and set back on solid ground.

His call and His destiny over your life is greater than your failures.

Dear Heavenly Father,
You are gooooooooood. So preciously goooood. I love how You speak to Peter and how You speak to us. You are a kind Father who deals with us in love. Lord, keep on track to serve You. And if we should fall, remind us to jump in the water and swim straight to You. Remind us that You will be merciful and compassionate with us.
Thank You for how You love us!

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings as you Run to Jesus,

Vanessa Lynn

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