Remembering Maxwell

Hi Gorgeous Friends,

Our family has been going through the stages of grief over the last few weeks. This Sunday will mark one month since our beloved family pup tragically died.

Losing a pet is never easy, ever. Losing my precious boy in such a shocking way before my eyes has been extremely tough. I continue to relive the event several times a day. My mind flashes back to the moments before, during, and after. It’s like a jolt right back to the trauma.

Yet, I want to share how we have celebrated our precious Maxwell and how wonderfully amazing our people have been to us during this heartbreak.

Beautiful, thoughtful cards have flooded in, and people keep reaching out and checking on us.

Our Bible study group came together and put together a memorial for Maxwell. It was so healing to be surrounded by people who love us so much that they hurt when we hurt.

We held a celebration of his life and it was beautiful. One friend brought cake and cupcakes, two of them brought balloons for us to release, and another one gave us a book called  Dog Heaven.  The best part was the love and the genuine support for our family. Maxwell touched so many lives.

Our neighbors attended his celebration of life as well. We covered the driveway in chalk art.

We each held a balloon and shared a memory of Max.

And when we had all shared, we released the balloons.

As the balloons flew high in the sky, I was overcome with love and gratitude for good friends in the midst of trial.

A friend of Chuck’s gave us a beautiful memorial stone and a baby avocado tree.

One of my best friends has also gifted us a beautiful avocado tree. The best part is…. Maxwell loved avocados, so what a joy to plant these trees in his honor.

And last night, my cousin surprised me with a beautiful blanket with Maxwell’s photos on it. She was Maxwell’s groomer too, and so she loved him as well. So many people loved my Maxwell.

This morning when I showed the kids the blanket, Brycen was petting the blanket and smiling the biggest smile. It is a sign that healing is happening when we can look at his pictures and smile instead of cry.

He touched our lives in such a big way. He was a part of everything. He went everywhere we went, did everything we did, and lived life fully. There is a wide gaping space where he used to be, and I am missing him terribly.

I also feel myself being put back together by a faithful, faithful Father who loves me and sees my heartache.

I trust Him fully to continue to comfort my soul and to make beauty from what appears to be ashes.

I am also just in awe of the genuine love of my people. I am so so thankful for community and belonging. There was a time when I was careful not to let people get too close to me. I was guarded and only had a few close friends.

As I have pursued Jesus, He has transformed my heart and made me brave enough to drop my mask and be real and authentic with others.

This has allowed me to open up my heart to friends to both give and receive love and encouragement from them.

We are wired for connection and the closer we draw to Christ, the healthier our other relationships become. As I allow Him to love me, I am more primed to give and recieve authentic love from others.

Jesus came and showed us through the choosing of 12 disciples that community with others is vital.

And in remembering my Maxwell, my community of friends were right beside me. I will be forever grateful for each friend who messaged me, called me, sent encouragement in any form, and who grieved with me through this process.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the gift of good friends. Thank you for Maxwell’s beautiful life and all the lessons he taught me about love. Thank you for the laughter and joy he brought to our home. Thank you for the blessing of my sweet puppy. I trust You have him in Your care, and that there is beauty and joy still ahead.

In Jesus’s name, Amen..

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  1. My heart rejoices to read this and to see the love and comfort of God in your family, your community and your hearts. Blessings to you, beautiful lady. xx

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