Road Trippin’ Day 4

Hey Gorgeous Friends,

It is nearing 11pm, the worship music is playing, and we are still about 2 hours from our stop for tonight which will be the Petrified Forest in Arizona.

The day started with us waking up in Amarillo, TX. We stayed at an RV resort 3 minutes from Cadillac Ranch on Route 66. Across from our row of RVs, there was a row of adorable little cabins.

The kids woke up to cooooold weather. It was 57 degrees when we woke up. We experienced another storm. There was a wind storm that rolled in while we were sleeping. It even grounded the planes at the airport.

We dressed warmly. The kids played outside a little as the weather cleared up.

And then it was CADILLAC Ranch time!!!

I have been so looking forward to this stop. I have a picture of Addy walking up to the Cadillacs when she was just one year old. Here we are back 10 years later!!!

Each kiddo picked a spray paint color and it was go time!

A row of Cadillacs in the dirt, canvases for artists young and old!

After Cadillac Ranch, we found mile marker 0 in New Mexico, which starts with an abandoned gas station. We explored and took photos. So cool to walk the grounds and imagine history.

Then, we got onto actual 66 for just a few minutes.

Aaaaaand, more driving…

Then, we stopped for dinner in Edgewater, New Mexico.

This town had a McDonald’s, Sonic, Domino’s, and just a couple other restaurants. We picked Chili Hills because we wanted to try something local. The food was a mix of American Diner and Mexican. It was just a good spot to get out, stretch, eat around a table, and talk.

Now, it is drawing near midnight on the close of our 4th day. We are 20 minutes from our campground and Chuck is exhausted. We pushed it a little too far today on the milage. We both agreed that we should have planned less miles a day. But hey until you try something new, you’ll never know!

Lots of love to y’all.

Vanessa Lynn

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  1. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! Iā€™m so happy to see your plans in action. I love you all šŸ™

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