Road Trippin’ Day 6

Hey Gorgeous Friends,

Another day of our trip in the books!

This day started out with a cup of coffee while the girls slept in a little. Then breakfast for everyone.

Today is our Grand Canyon Day!!! But first God had a special Word for me. It was to come in the form of a special conversation with a friendly camper named Kenny. I was out front of the motorhome with my 2nd cup of coffee when a man walked by with a dog. Any dog that walks by is a magnet that pulls my kids over with such force. So pretty quickly the kids are petting her and I start to talk with her owner. We talk a bit and he shares with me that he feels led to tell me a story.

He begins to tell me the story of God working an absolute miracle in his son’s life. He shared how God showed His love for him through His miracle working Hands in His son’s life. It was a very special story filled with hope, joy, provision, and God’s power. He told me that through it all, God showed him that the best way he could minister to his son is to be an example for him in his own walk with Jesus. That as he learned to live for Jesus, He trusted that God would work the rest out. His faith was contagious and God’s love was just pouring out of him.

We talked and talked and at the close of our conversation, I felt led to pray with him. We stood there in the middle of the RV park, praying and calling on the name of Jesus. We praised God for His goodness and His ways. I prayed for his precious family and his wife. I felt the Presence of God right there. I gave him a box of scripture cards for his wife and invited her to join our Good Morning Gorgeous FB group. I so hope she does so that I can stay in touch with her.

After that, we headed for the Railroad Station where we would board a train for the Grand Canyon. But first a fun old west show.

And then a two hour train ride up to the Canyon. On this ride, there were singing cowboys and lots of fun. We got to see the wildlife and the beautiful landscape surrounding the canyon. There was a snack car with a variety of sandwiches, icecream, snacks, coffee, hot chocolate, and root beer floats.

The train was very kid friendly and everyone that worked there stopped and chatted and played with the kids. They answered all of their questions and made them feel important.

As beautiful as the landscape was, it couldn’t possibly prepare us for the view we were about to see.

We exited the Railroad at the Visitor’s Center. This section of  the South Rim of the Canyon is geared toward tourists and visitors. There is a food truck parked right at the entrance. Also located at this part are several gift shops and plenty of lookout points. There are even a few hotels lining the canyon. They are designed in a way that they do not distract from the beauty of the canyon. Can you imagine waking up in a hotel at the grand canyon?! I would love to book a few nights there on another trip.

We decided to take our family photo right at the beginning so that it was out of the way before the kids got too tired and grumpy.

Next, we walked and stopped at various lookout points.

We took lots of pictures of smiling kids!

We stopped in the gift shop and bought the kids a gift of their choice. These binoculars were a popular choice!

Next, we found a quiet lookout point to stop and pray. We thanked God for His creation and lifted His name up.

I snapped a few cool pictures of Ayden taking photos.

We ended the day with a stop at the food truck parked by the entrance. Kids were happy when we ordered hot dogs to go around!

And then just like that it was time to boad our train to return back to the RV park.

The train ride home was so fun!! There were bandits that rode up on horses and jumped aboard the train and “robbed” everyone of their dollar bills!

And when we got back to the RV, we had chicken cooking in it all day. I added some frozen corn on the cob to the top and it cooked for about 45 minutes while I made a salad and the kids set the table.

We were all feeling a little grumpy just from how long the day was, but as everyone ate, we came back to life!

The boys went to sleep after dinner, and we finished the day off with a movie.

It was a beautiful, beautiful day! And Chuck was loving all the trains. Our camper was parked right next to a train track, and I found Chuck relaxing at one point, coffee in hand watching a train ride by.

What a wonderful God we serve. One thing I am astounded by is how different our country is from state to state. Our Lord creates in FULL color, such various landscapes and the US from coast to coast shows off His glory!

Much love and many blessings!

Vanessa Lynn

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